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Monastery Siege, et. al. – An explanation of draw step triggers.

Monastery Siege and other draw step triggers can only go on the stack and resolve after you've drawn your card for the turn, making them considerably better than the other way around!

You can stop a ferocious Crater’s Claws for X=0 using removal.

Crater's Claws only checks for Ferocious as it resolves. If you respond to it by getting rid of the 4+ power creature that would make it deal extra damage, you can save yourself from the 2 extra damage they were expecting!

Shaman of the Great Hunt in combat with other attackers.

Shaman of the Great Hunt's triggers will still resolve even if it dies from combat damage. Other creatures that got through will still get the counter.

Why two attacking Flamerush Riders don’t “go infinite”

Two Flamerush Riders can copy each other as they attack, but the tokens don't trigger to copy something because they didn't "attack."

In 2HG, you get a free mulligan but the starting team skips its first draw step.

2HG (two-headed giant) is a little unusual compared to other multiplayer formats. You get a free mulligan, but the starting team doesn't draw on the first turn!

Frost Walker and removal – you shouldn’t bother countering it.

Frost Walker's trigger goes on the stack above the spell that targeted it, and will resolve even if the spell that triggered the ability is countered. You won't want to waste counterspells trying to save Frost Walker.

How “sudden death” works for timed single elimination matches.

Many players will never encounter a timed single-elimination match, but if you do, it's good to know how a winner is determined after the 5 additional turns are over!

Outpost Siege (Dragons) and Perilous Vault.

If Outpost Siege (choosing Dragons) leaves the battlefield at the same time as any of your creatures (e.g., from Perilous Vault), the game looks back to see that it should trigger, and you'll get the 1 damage per creature you were hoping for!
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Wurmcoil’s tokens are both named “Wurm” for Maelstrom Pulse.

A token has the same name as its creature type unless whatever created it gives it a different name. So Maelstrom Pulse can kill any "Wurm" token no matter what abilities it has or what colors it is or what its P/T might be!
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An interesting situation with Kira, Mutavault, and Tec Edge.

Kira grants an ability to your creatures that triggers when the creature becomes targeted. But if Mutavault is targeted before it actually becomes a creature, it will be too late for the ability to do anything to a spell or ability already on the stack.
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