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Starfield of Nyx and enchantment creatures.

Oh, Opalescence. It, comboed with Humility, was the bane of many judges’ and rules gurus’ existence. Even though things have been figured out for a while now (we even have a Gatherer ruling to cover it). But now they’ve brought …

If Kothophed dies while enchanted by an opponent’s aura, it won’t trigger for the aura.

When a creature dies while it has an aura attached to it, the auras don't technically move to the graveyard with the creature. They wait until they're on the battlefield unattached to be put in the graveyard, immediately AFTER the creature dies. This is rarely relevant, but today you can learn when it matters!

Blocking with mana creatures against Archangel of Tithes.

It's possible to block using a mana creature (e.g., Elvish Mystic) and tap that creature to pay the cost for Archangel of Tithes!

You should kill Polukranos before it becomes monstrous, not in response to the trigger.

Polukranos has an activated ability that makes it monstrous, and a triggered ability that triggers when it becomes monstrous. Kill it before you get to the second part to avoid having it deal damage.

Hangarback Walker vs. Eidolon of the Great Revel and Disdainful Stroke

The X's in a spells cost are counted as having the value chosen for it while that spell is on the stack. As such, Hangarback Walker for X=1 means a CMC of 1+1=2, and it would trigger Eidolon, while X=2 means CMC 2+2=4 to evade Eidolon's trigger.
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Tragic Arrogance can choose one card for multiple types.

Tragic Arrogance doesn't ask you to choose separate permanents for each card type, so you can maximize value by choosing a single card twice for your opponents.

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is doubly good in 2HG.

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is doubly good in 2HG because "beginning of combat on each opponent's turn" means it triggers once for each opponent, even though they share a combat phase.

All about Anafenza, the Foremost’s replacement effect.

Anafenza, the Foremost causes much confusion among players and judges alike, so Nathan Long delves into all the common interactions that involve her in this linked article. Learn and enjoy!

Ensoul Artifact and Dromoka’s Command

This odd interaction appears to be unexpectedly relevant in Standard right now, so learn how it works from none other than Level 5 judge Jason Lems!
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Test your Prowess (now with extra evergreen!)

Here to conclude the week of our newest set is a fairly recent ability, Prowess. Just like Scry, Prowess is another freshly made “Evergreen” ability. It hasn’t taken long for this ability to go permanent, as it just debuted last …