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How to determine Fall of the Titans’ Converted Mana Cost with Surge

If you Surge Fall of the Titans for X=2, it's a legal target for Disdainful Stroke.
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What your “second spell” means to Jori En or Pyromancer’s Assault

Jori En and Pyromancer's Assault trigger only on the 2nd spell. Not the 4th or 6th…
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How multiple Sylvan Advocates interact.

Each Sylvan Advocate only pumps itself (not other Sylvan Advocates) and your land creatures.

Removing Embodiment of Insight after attackers are declared.

If Embodiment of Insight and a land creature attack, and the Embodiment is removed, the land creature is still untapped and attacking.

How best to kill a Wandering Fumarole with burn spells.

If you're going to try to kill Wandering Fumarole with a burn spell that does 1-3 damage, your best bet is to do it in response to them turning it into a 4/1.

Vryn Wingmare can improve your converge spells

You can pay extra mana for a spell like Radiant Flames only if an external effect is imposing an additional cost to cast it. That's a handy interaction with Vryn Wingmare and the like!
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Zada and Tandem Tactics

Tandem Tactics can only trigger Zada if you choose Zada as the single target for it, and the copies will each have a single target as well.
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Hangarback Walker and Hardened Scales

Hangarback Walker plays well with Hardened Scales... but casting Walker for 0 isn't going to work out well for you.
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A reminder about Standard rotation (and how it has changed)

Standard will have an odd rotation when Shadows Over Innistrad releases in April, but nothing is changing for Oath of the Gatewatch's release.

Finding and casting split cards with Bring to Light.

Split cards can be confusing when it comes to questions about converted mana cost. We help clear up exactly how Bring to Light interacts with them!