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Manifest and Commander damage.

A face-down commander is still a commander, even if manifested that way, so it still deals commander damage!

Manifest and Gift of Immortality

Gift of Immortality can return any permanent card that it was attached to if the card was a face-down manifest creature when it died. It can't return an instant or sorcery. Details inside!

You must reveal manifested cards as they change zones or as the game ends.

A lot of players have been asking whether you need to reveal cards that were manifested when they change zones or as the game ends. Surely, we don’t need to reveal them to verify that they were manifested legally, right? …

Manifest and Athreos

Athreos triggers when any of its controller's creatures die, and no matter what they look like in the graveyard, they can still be returned unless 3 life is paid.

Manifest and Double-Faced cards

Double-faced cards have discovered a way to be face-down on the battlefield, but only if they enter that way due to the manifest ability! We explain how that works in real life.

Containment Priest vs. Flickerwisp

A creature that "flickers" under the purveyance of Containment Priest is not going to be able to come back to the battlefield.
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Containment Priest vs. Ichorid and Narcomoeba

Ichorid and Narcomoeba are gonna have a bad time if they try to enter while Containment Priest is around!
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Containment Priest vs. Cascade

Cascade tells you to cast the card you exile, so Containment Priest doesn't interfere.

Containment Priest vs. Dryad Arbor

Dryad Arbor can never be cast from your hand (or anywhere), so it can never enter the battlefield with Containment Priest around!
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Containment Priest vs. Show and Tell

Containment Priest can only affect things that enter while it's already in play. So anything that enters at the same time, like with Show and Tell, will be able to enter normally.
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