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Test your Prowess (now with extra evergreen!)

Here to conclude the week of our newest set is a fairly recent ability, Prowess. Just like Scry, Prowess is another freshly made “Evergreen” ability. It hasn’t taken long for this ability to go permanent, as it just debuted last …

Scrying forever (it’s now an evergreen keyword ability!)

Scry is now a keyword you can expect to see in pretty much every set going forward. Get a refresher on how it works!

How Menace works.

Learn how an old idea has been turned into a much more efficient keyword with Menace!

How Spell mastery works.

Today we explain the details of Spell Mastery!

Renown and You

Today we explain how Renown works!

Transformers! How to transform Jace.

Here we talk about how to get your creature Jace to turn into planeswalker Jace.
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Transformers! How to transform Liliana.

Read here for a general overview of the transforming planeswalkers coming up in Magic Origins, and specifically how to transform Liliana.
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How Shaman of Forgotten Ways works in 2HG

Shaman of Forgotten Ways tries to set each player's life total to a specific number, but how does that work when you have two players and only only life total? You pick one player and ignore the other when resolving the effect!

Targeting troubles with Dromoka’s Command.

Dromoka's Command has a lot of the word "target" on it, and it can be tricky to know all the legal ways to cast it. Read and absorb some knowledge here!

Thunderbreak Regent only triggers for Dragon permanents.

Thunderbreak Regent's ability is powerful, but don't get carried away. It only works while the Regent is on the battlefield, and it only triggers when an opponent targets one of your dragon permanents (on the battlefield). It doesn't work for dragon spells on the stack or dragon cards in the graveyard.