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Dragon Throne of Tarkir vs. Blinding Spray

Dragon Throne checks power as the ability resolves, so if you respond to the activation by reducing power below 0, you can actually end up killing the other creatures it was supposed to be pumping! Continue reading

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Suspension Field vs. Morphs – They return face up.

Welcome back to another week here at the Rules Tips Blog. Let’s look at today’s question: morphs and . Let’s say I have a face down and a on the battlefield, making my face down creature a 2/3. My opponent, … Continue reading

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Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker’s +1 vs. Hero’s Downfall

Who knew that when Wizards of the Coast released an alternate-art version of Form of the Dragon in FTV: Dragons, they were foreshadowing one of ’s abilities: TURNING INTO A DRAGON!! And not just any dragon, but a hasty, indestructible … Continue reading

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Rattleclaw Mystic and casting spells (it’s not a mana ability)

Rattleclaw Mystic’s “turn-face-up” trigger produces mana, but it isn’t a mana ability. It uses the stack and can be responded to. Continue reading

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If Narset dies during combat, you can still cast the exiled cards this turn.

Narset’s triggered ability grants you the permission to cast the exiled cards that turn, so she doesn’t need to stick around for you to cast them after combat. Continue reading

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JAR Update: The importance of being respectful to others.

Be nice to each other at every event! Continue reading

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Heart-Piercer Bow with Act of Treason

Heart-Piercer Bow has its own triggered ability, which is controlled by the player who controls the Bow, no matter who controls the creature its attached to. This can be a little confusing with Act of Treason, so read up on that interaction here! Continue reading

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You can’t see face-down creature spells with Lens of Clarity.

A creature only exists on the battlefield, while a creature spell exists on the stack. As such, Lens of Clarity doesn’t let you see face down spells before you decide whether to respond to them. Continue reading

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Ivorytusk Fortress vs. Icy Blast, Crippling Chill, et. al.

Ivorytusk Fortress tells you to untap your creatures with +1/+1 counters during your opponent’s untap step, while Icy Blast and its kin say they don’t untap during their *controller’s* next untap step. This means there’s no problem untapping during the opponent’s turn! Continue reading

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Howl of the Horde’s Raid ability

Howl of the Horde only creates a second delayed trigger if you attacked before you cast the Howl. It doesn’t make a delayed trigger automatically that checks whether you attacked later on in the turn. Continue reading

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