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Aggressive Mining doesn’t stop lands from entering the battlefield another way.

Make sure you know the difference between actually “playing” a land and simply putting a land onto the battlefield. Continue reading

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Elesh Norn vs. Sakura-Tribe Elder, et. al.

You can only activate abilities when you have priority. If your creature enters the battlefield but dies before you get priority, you’re not going to have a good time! Continue reading

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What “attacks if able” really means.

“Attacks if able” is pretty straightforward, until you add other restrictions or requirements! See inside for some more detail. Continue reading

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Notion Thief and Dredge

Notion Thief confuses many people, and dredge isn’t much better… When the two come together, you get this rules tips blog! Continue reading

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You can’t “miss” True-Name Nemesis’s “as this enters…” ability.

True-Name Nemesis doesn’t have a triggered ability, so it’s not possible to simply “miss” the ability. If you think your opponent failed to choose a player, you must mention it. Continue reading

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Gargoyle Sentinel can dodge Clear a Path.

Clear a Path needs the target to have defender both when you cast it and when it would resolve. Gargoyle Sentinel can make sure the latter part isn’t true in order to survive! Continue reading

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Casting Ajani’s Pridemate while you have Staff of the Sun Magus – No counter for you!

The Staves all trigger when a spell is cast, so that trigger must resolve before the spell that caused it to trigger can resolve. If you cast Ajani’s Pridemate, you gain the life before it actually enters, so it won’t be around to trigger on that life gain and therefore won’t gain a counter. Continue reading

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Resolute Archangel vs. Erebos

Setting your life total to a higher number counts as gaining life. So if you’re unable to gain life, there’s no way for your life total to increase. Continue reading

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Don’t distract players mid-match.

Players are expected to play their own games, so resist the urge to comment on ongoing matches or provide play advice. Continue reading

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Bestow cards are not auras in your library.

When you’re searching your library for an aura card, it has to have aura printed in the type line. A bestow card doesn’t qualify! Continue reading

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