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Casting a god doesn’t trigger prowess (but a bestowed card will).

A god spell will always be a creature, and thus can’t trigger prowess. But a bestow card cast as an aura is indeed a noncreature spell, and can trigger prowess. Continue reading

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Clan combos – Jeskai and Temur: You can use Prowess to “turn on” a spell’s Ferocious effect.

Prowess triggers when you cast a noncreature spell, while the spell you just cast only checks whether Ferocious is true as it resolves. Since the trigger goes on top of the spell and resolves first, this generally works out well for you! Continue reading

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All about fetchlands

Learn all there is to know about “fetch lands” in today’s tip. Continue reading

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Deflecting Palm + Dictate of the Twin Gods

Deflecting Palm prevents damage, then it deals damage (not quite the same as redirection!). This means there are two chances for replacement effects to apply to that damage. Read up on the details here! Continue reading

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How Trinisphere works against Delve.

Trinisphere and delve are interesting companions. Delve is pretty much the only way to “fool” Trinisphere into letting you cast a spell by paying less than 3 actual mana, because delve lets you pay “exile a card from your graveyard” instead of {1} while making payments! Continue reading

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Eidolon of the Great Revel vs. Delve spells.

Delve doesn’t actually reduce the cost of a spell; it just changes how you can pay the cost. The converted mana cost of the spell will remain whatever is printed in the top right corner no matter what! Continue reading

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How to kill your opponent’s Sylvan Caryatid with Bile Blight.

Sylvan Caryatid has hexproof, which means you can’t target your opponent’s Caryatid with Bile Blight… but there’s a great trick you may not have thought about that could win you a game some time, if you control a Caryatid of your own! Continue reading

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Team Trios and Slow Play

Team Trios events are fun and cooperative! Just be sure not to bog down your matches by spending too much time discussing and/or debating plays with your teammates. Keep it short, keep it fast! Continue reading

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Sorin’s +1 and creatures entering afterwards.

Sorin’s +1 can be confusing for many people. How exactly do you determine which creatures get the bonus? Well, the creatures that will be affected are locked in at the moment the ability resolves, and that bonus simply lasts on those creatures until Sorin’s controller’s next turn begins. Continue reading

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Dragon Throne of Tarkir vs. Blinding Spray

Dragon Throne checks power as the ability resolves, so if you respond to the activation by reducing power below 0, you can actually end up killing the other creatures it was supposed to be pumping! Continue reading

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