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Banishing Light is not Oblivion Ring: Why Your Trick Doesn’t Work Now

Those of you who remember might remember a little “trick” that could be used to permanently exile a permanent. What you had to do was remove the Ring from the battlefield with its enter the battlefield trigger on the stack. … Continue reading

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Make it Count(ers): Why Not All +1/+1 Effects Are Counters

As we’ve probably learned over the years, cards generally do exactly what their Gatherer texts say. But some people still get confused. A major thing that I’ve seen trip people up is confusion about counters. Some people think that a … Continue reading

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Planeswalkers, Burn, and Hexproof

By now, I hope we’re all familiar with the planeswalker redirection rule. This is the rule that says if a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent, you can choose to deal that damage to a planeswalker … Continue reading

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Tournament Tuesday: How To Report A Third-Game Concession

Welcome back everyone. Today, we’re going to have a brief discussion about conceding in a tournament. And no, it’s probably not the topic you’re thinking about. We’re going to discuss what result is going to be reported when a player … Continue reading

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Worst Fears Can’t Force a Concession!

Being controlled by another player is often one of their . I mean, you can pretty much do anything they could normally do. You can make them themselves in the face, you can make their 1/1 attack into your untapped … Continue reading

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It’s a conspiracy (week)! Every Vote Counts, So Count Every Vote

To wrap up this week’s Conspiracy theme, we’ll touch on one of the most multiplayer mechanics in the whole set- Voting! There’s multiple cards in the set that have the ability word “Will of the Council”. Just like other ability … Continue reading

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It’s a conspiracy (week)! Hidden Agendas and Naming

Hey there, gang! Remember way back on Monday when I offhandedly mentioned there were some conspiracies you didn’t reveal right away? Well, now is the day that we’ll actually be talking about those! As we covered earlier in the week, … Continue reading

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It’s a conspiracy (week)! How to use Lore Seeker

Let’s keep the ball rolling on our Conspiracy week! One of the many cards in Conspiracy that messes with the drafting process itself is . In a normal draft, each player receives the same mix of 3 packs, and everyone … Continue reading

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It’s a Conspiracy (week)! Conspiracy Legality

Yes, even during Conspiracy week, we conspire to bring you tournament tips on Tuesday (I just couldn’t fit all that mess into the header, is all). Conspiracy has lots of new cards among the fun old reprints (Hi, !), and … Continue reading

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Bearer of the Heavens and Gift of Immortality

is a very strong card. He literally holds up the Heavens. When he dies, he sets up a delayed trigger that will destroy every permanent at the next end phase. Simple right? He dies, then everything dies later that turn. … Continue reading

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