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How Megamorph Works

We’ve had the third set in the Khans block kicking around for a while now, so most of you are probably familiar with Megamorph. Today we’re going to go into a little more detail about it! For the most part, …

Enduring Scalelord Combo

The Dromoka brood might have forbidden the Abzan’s ancestor worship, but they sure kept the love of +1/+1 counters! Not only does Bolster bring your weakest creatures up to snuff with the rest, the Dromoka have a lot of fun …

Soldier of the Pantheon vs. Yasova Dragonclaw

Today’s tip comes straight from one of my Ask A Judge threads, and is about what protection from multicolored ‘means’. Yasova Dragonclaw, just like the other four Khans from the Fate Reforged set, has an off-color ability. In the case …

Temporal Trespass And Rebound

Rebound is always great fun (for the player using it at least!)- you get double the spell, after all. Generally that doubling is factored into the cost, but when you use something like Narset Transcendent to apply Rebound to ‘normal’ …
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Monastery Siege, et. al. – An explanation of draw step triggers.

Monastery Siege and other draw step triggers can only go on the stack and resolve after you've drawn your card for the turn, making them considerably better than the other way around!

Delve vs. Stubborn Denial

As you may know, Delve and Convoke’s basic workings were changed with the rules updates for Magic 2014. Previously, they were simply ways to reduce costs before you paid them; nowadays, the Delving/Convoking is a payment! The only real difference, …

Tournament Tuesday: Goblin Rabblemaster Confusion!

Today’s post is going to be about everyone’s favorite Goblin buddy-maker (Well, second favorite for Commander players! No hard feelings, Krenko): Goblin Rabblemaster. He slices, he dices, he makes disposable bodies to feed to Butcher of the Horde and he …

Shaman of the Great Hunt in combat with other attackers.

Shaman of the Great Hunt's triggers will still resolve even if it dies from combat damage. Other creatures that got through will still get the counter.

Why two attacking Flamerush Riders don’t “go infinite”

Two Flamerush Riders can copy each other as they attack, but the tokens don't trigger to copy something because they didn't "attack."

Frost Walker and removal – you shouldn’t bother countering it.

Frost Walker's trigger goes on the stack above the spell that targeted it, and will resolve even if the spell that triggered the ability is countered. You won't want to waste counterspells trying to save Frost Walker.