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All about fetchlands

Learn all there is to know about "fetch lands" in today's tip.

Dragon Throne of Tarkir vs. Blinding Spray

Dragon Throne checks power as the ability resolves, so if you respond to the activation by reducing power below 0, you can actually end up killing the other creatures it was supposed to be pumping!
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Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker’s +1 vs. Hero’s Downfall

Who knew that when Wizards of the Coast released an alternate-art version of Form of the Dragon in FTV: Dragons, they were foreshadowing one of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker’s abilities: TURNING INTO A DRAGON!! And not just any dragon, but a …
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Prerelease Primer Week – Outlast with the Abzan Clan

Thanks for enduring the wait until Wednesday to learn more about the Abzan- boy would they be proud of you! The Abzan clan on Tarkir revere the endurance of the dragons, and their symbol is a pair of crossed dragon …

Goblin Kaboomist: When To Flip Coins

Goblin Kaboomist is a goofy little rare from M15, and one that’s raised quite a few questions so far! Well, more accurately, it seems to have raised one question, multiple times! Kaboomist creates a Land Mine token during the beginning …

How Chain Veil Really Works

The Chain Veil got a lot of speculative discussion after it was spoiled, before the release notes were available. We explain the now-official answer about how it works!

Inferno Fist in Combat: Choices, Choices

Among the new cards we’ve gotten questions about from M15 is a neat little aura called Inferno Fist. As with other Auras, it’ll enchant something (in this case, a creature!) and do something neat. What Fist does, specifically, is boost …

Gargoyle Sentinel can dodge Clear a Path.

Clear a Path needs the target to have defender both when you cast it and when it would resolve. Gargoyle Sentinel can make sure the latter part isn't true in order to survive!
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Hydra Broodmaster and You

Hydra Broodmaster is quite a cool card. It has quite an interesting ability. For the low cost of XXG it can become monstrous. The real kicker is the second part of its monstrous ability. When Hydra Broodmaster becomes monstrous, it …

Springleaf Drum and summoning sickness.

"Summoning Sickness" only stops creatures from attacking or being tapped to activate their own abilities that include the Tap or Untap symbol. Being "sick" doesn't prevent tapping a creature to pay the cost of another ability.