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Transformers! How to transform Chandra.

Hi everyone, and welcome back. Let’s dive right in today, and talk about today’s creature/planeswalker, Chandra. Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh is able to transform into Chandra, Roaring Flame if you activate Chandra’s activated ability and have dealt 3 or more …
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Transformers! How to transform Jace.

Here we talk about how to get your creature Jace to turn into planeswalker Jace.
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Combat Tricks with Lodestone Myr

As Magic players, we learn early on that creatures can’t tap or attack (unless they have Haste) the first turn they come under our control. There are cards, however, that can use “sick” creatures to tap, even though they just …

Sunforger and Burst Lightning

Welcome back for another installment of Rules Tips! Hopefully everyone continues to enjoy drafting Modern Masters 2015. We’ve come across a number of situations that piqued our interest and certainly yours. Let’s jump right in with the use of Sunforger …

How Shaman of Forgotten Ways works in 2HG

Shaman of Forgotten Ways tries to set each player's life total to a specific number, but how does that work when you have two players and only only life total? You pick one player and ignore the other when resolving the effect!

Getting value with Humble Defector.

Humble Defector's ability doesn't give away control until it resolves, and the card draw is not dependent on giving away the creature... so if you find a way to untap him and reactivate the ability, or kill it before you draw, you can get extra value out of it!

Soulfire Grand Master and Rebound (you choose).

Rebound and Soulfire Grand Master's ability are both replacement effects trying to replace the same event (spell going to graveyard as it resolves), so you get to choose which one to apply.
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I hope everyone has been enjoying all the new Commander cards and the new abilities that have come with them. One of the more exciting of these new cards is Nahiri, The Lithomancer– She gets you value through tokens and …

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Myriad Landscape: How to find two lands with different names!

Hello again! Welcome to another day of Magic Rules Tips! Let’s start with a trick question today. How many basic land names are there? If you said five, you’d be mistaken! There are actually ten- Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and …

Tout sur les fetchlands

Les nouveaux joueurs découvrent un phénomène pour la première fois dans les plaines de Magic. Quel est donc cette incroyable technique ? Aller chercher des terrains ! Avec des cartes comme Étendues sauvages en évolution, Immensité terramorphe (tous deux ne …