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Lancer des sorts avec Mystique tintegriffe (ce n’est pas une capacité de mana)

De nombreuses extensions ont des créatures productrices de mana à faible coût, et les Khans de Tarkir ne font pas exception. Voyez la Mystique tintegriffe, une créature qui n’a pas une, mais deux capacités qui produisent du mana. Aujourd’hui, nous …

Rattleclaw Mystic and casting spells (it’s not a mana ability)

Rattleclaw Mystic's "turn-face-up" trigger produces mana, but it isn't a mana ability. It uses the stack and can be responded to.

Devotion and Counterspells

By far the biggest chunk of questions I’ve gotten from my players and my threads the past week are all about the last mechanic we’re covering this week (sorry, Scry): Devotion. Devotion is more or less a reworking of Chroma, …
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Burning Earth only triggers if the land is tapped for mana, not for any other abilities.

An explanation of how Burning Earth works (or really doesn't) when a nonbasic land is tapped for a non-mana ability.

Stony Silence and Artifact Lands

To finish out this week’s Modern flair, let’s talk about a deck called Robots (or back in my crotchety Old Fogey days, “Affinity”). It uses lots of artifacts to make your opponent and his life total very sad. The Legacy …

Wall of Roots and +1/+1 Counters

There was a time when counters didn’t cancel each other out on the same permanent; you could have a bunch of +1/+1 counters and a few -1/-1 counters on a creature and they’d just co-exist happily on that creature, in …

You can’t tap a Cluestone for mana to activate its own “draw a card” ability.

There’s a small caveat in Magic: you can only pay any given cost for one ability or spell; you can’t use the same cost to pay for two separate abilities. That’s just not how life (or Magic) works. Very simple …

“Eggs” vs. Rest in Peace – Know when NOT to draw.

These two artifacts look very similar, and both see play in the popular and successful “Eggs” deck in Modern. But since Rest in Peace is also a very popular sideboard card, you should be careful to note the difference! Chromatic …
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Spreading Seas vs. the Urza’s lands.

So by now, most people are familiar with the “Urzatron” decks that are popular in Modern. They revolve around getting the three different Urza’s lands (Power Plant, Mine, and Tower) to cast large spells rather quickly, getting 7 colorless mana …
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Elvish Archdruid Won’t Trigger Gyre Sage

If there’s one thing Elves love [beyond having Hobbits do their dirty work, but that’s another plane entirely], it’s mana. Lots and lots of mana. Enormous, obscene piles of green mana, ready to be converted into an astoundingly large spell, …
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