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You should kill Polukranos before it becomes monstrous, not in response to the trigger.

Polukranos has an activated ability that makes it monstrous, and a triggered ability that triggers when it becomes monstrous. Kill it before you get to the second part to avoid having it deal damage.

Hangarback Walker vs. Eidolon of the Great Revel and Disdainful Stroke

The X's in a spells cost are counted as having the value chosen for it while that spell is on the stack. As such, Hangarback Walker for X=1 means a CMC of 1+1=2, and it would trigger Eidolon, while X=2 means CMC 2+2=4 to evade Eidolon's trigger.
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Guile vs. Remand

Since we’re on the topic of odd Modern interactions, let’s propose that a player controls Guile and casts Remand in an attempt to take an opponent’s spell. Both Remand and Guile have replacement effects that affect the spell in question, …
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Repeal and Precursor Golem

Precursor Golem has an interesting effect- and in Magic, interesting often means confusing. With cards like Repeal floating around, players might get a little hungry thinking about bouncing their opponent’s Precursor team with a single card. Not so fast! As …

Modern Masters Week: Arcane Spells

Welcome to our lead-up to Modern Masters 2015! Hopefully a great many of you will be enjoying the festivities at the Grands Prix in Las Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba this weekend (nearly the entire Rules Tips Blog team will be …

Foul-Tongue Invocation Against an Empty Board

Hey everyone, welcome back. As promised, we’re going to talk about Foul-Tongue Invocation today. Let’s say you’re playing against an aggressive mono-red player. You’ve managed to clear their board, but now they’re just pointing their burn spells at your head. …

Silumgar’s Scorn with a Dragon on the Stack

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another week of rules tips! There’s still some Standard situations that come up, so that’s what we’re going to focus on this week. Today, we kick things off with Silumgar’s Scorn. You’re down to …
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Targeting troubles with Dromoka’s Command.

Dromoka's Command has a lot of the word "target" on it, and it can be tricky to know all the legal ways to cast it. Read and absorb some knowledge here!

Manifest and Delve (no, you can’t!)

Delve only functions while you're casting a spell, and turning a creature face-up via manifest isn't casting anything. So you can't benefit from delve when turning a manifested Gurmag Angler face up, for example.

You’ve got a graveyard stacked full of artifact creatures and a Scrap Mastery in your hand. Your opponent has a Grafdigger’s Cage on the battlefield. What happens? Will your spell exile all your good cards in your graveyard and leave …

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