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Hangarback Walker vs. Eidolon of the Great Revel and Disdainful Stroke

The X's in a spells cost are counted as having the value chosen for it while that spell is on the stack. As such, Hangarback Walker for X=1 means a CMC of 1+1=2, and it would trigger Eidolon, while X=2 means CMC 2+2=4 to evade Eidolon's trigger.
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Tragic Arrogance can choose one card for multiple types.

Tragic Arrogance doesn't ask you to choose separate permanents for each card type, so you can maximize value by choosing a single card twice for your opponents.

Ensoul Artifact and Dromoka’s Command

This odd interaction appears to be unexpectedly relevant in Standard right now, so learn how it works from none other than Level 5 judge Jason Lems!
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Repeal and Precursor Golem

Precursor Golem has an interesting effect- and in Magic, interesting often means confusing. With cards like Repeal floating around, players might get a little hungry thinking about bouncing their opponent’s Precursor team with a single card. Not so fast! As …

Sunforger and Burst Lightning

Welcome back for another installment of Rules Tips! Hopefully everyone continues to enjoy drafting Modern Masters 2015. We’ve come across a number of situations that piqued our interest and certainly yours. Let’s jump right in with the use of Sunforger …

Modern Masters Week: All About Eldrazi

Today on Modern Masters Week, we’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite transdimensional world-devouring horrors: the Eldrazi! First seen on Zendikar, these massive beasts are back in Modern Masters to wreak havoc in the general direction of whoever you don’t like. …

Modern Masters Week: I’ve got Soul(shift)

Welcome back to Modern Masters Week! Today, we’ll be covering… Soulshift! No points for guessing, I told you that yesterday. Soulshift is another mechanic from Kamigawa block, which was heavily laden with Spirit creatures. Put simply, Soulshift lets you get …

Modern Masters Week: Arcane Spells

Welcome to our lead-up to Modern Masters 2015! Hopefully a great many of you will be enjoying the festivities at the Grands Prix in Las Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba this weekend (nearly the entire Rules Tips Blog team will be …

Thunderbreak Regent only triggers for Dragon permanents.

Thunderbreak Regent's ability is powerful, but don't get carried away. It only works while the Regent is on the battlefield, and it only triggers when an opponent targets one of your dragon permanents (on the battlefield). It doesn't work for dragon spells on the stack or dragon cards in the graveyard.

Myriad Landscape: How to find two lands with different names!

Hello again! Welcome to another day of Magic Rules Tips! Let’s start with a trick question today. How many basic land names are there? If you said five, you’d be mistaken! There are actually ten- Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and …