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Modern Masters Week: I’ve got Soul(shift)

Welcome back to Modern Masters Week! Today, we’ll be covering… Soulshift! No points for guessing, I told you that yesterday. Soulshift is another mechanic from Kamigawa block, which was heavily laden with Spirit creatures. Put simply, Soulshift lets you get …

Modern Masters Week: Arcane Spells

Welcome to our lead-up to Modern Masters 2015! Hopefully a great many of you will be enjoying the festivities at the Grands Prix in Las Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba this weekend (nearly the entire Rules Tips Blog team will be …

Thunderbreak Regent only triggers for Dragon permanents.

Thunderbreak Regent's ability is powerful, but don't get carried away. It only works while the Regent is on the battlefield, and it only triggers when an opponent targets one of your dragon permanents (on the battlefield). It doesn't work for dragon spells on the stack or dragon cards in the graveyard.

Myriad Landscape: How to find two lands with different names!

Hello again! Welcome to another day of Magic Rules Tips! Let’s start with a trick question today. How many basic land names are there? If you said five, you’d be mistaken! There are actually ten- Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and …

Eidôlon de la Grande Célébration et les sorts Fouille

Eidôlon de la Grande Célébration et les sorts avec la capacité fouille entretiennent un peu une relation d’amour et de haine. En tant que contrôleur d’un Eidôlon, vous aimez lancer des sorts avec fouille. Par contre, vous n’aimez pas voir …

Soldier of the Pantheon vs. Yasova Dragonclaw

Today’s tip comes straight from one of my Ask A Judge threads, and is about what protection from multicolored ‘means’. Yasova Dragonclaw, just like the other four Khans from the Fate Reforged set, has an off-color ability. In the case …

Bile Blight and Face-Down Creatures

Amidst all the Dragons of Tarkir spoilers, this week we’ll be going over some “current” stuff for our Rules Tips! Be on the lookout for our Prerelease Primer next week, but for now, we’ll be going over Standard interactions! The …

Wurmcoil’s tokens are both named “Wurm” for Maelstrom Pulse.

A token has the same name as its creature type unless whatever created it gives it a different name. So Maelstrom Pulse can kill any "Wurm" token no matter what abilities it has or what colors it is or what its P/T might be!
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Abzan Beastmaster always triggers on your upkeep.

Abzan Beastmaster's triggered ability has an "if" but it's not conditional. That means it triggers regardless, and only checks toughness as it resolves.

Manifest and Commander damage.

A face-down commander is still a commander, even if manifested that way, so it still deals commander damage!