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Soldier of the Pantheon vs. Yasova Dragonclaw

Today’s tip comes straight from one of my Ask A Judge threads, and is about what protection from multicolored ‘means’. Yasova Dragonclaw, just like the other four Khans from the Fate Reforged set, has an off-color ability. In the case …

Bile Blight and Face-Down Creatures

Amidst all the Dragons of Tarkir spoilers, this week we’ll be going over some “current” stuff for our Rules Tips! Be on the lookout for our Prerelease Primer next week, but for now, we’ll be going over Standard interactions! The …

Wurmcoil’s tokens are both named “Wurm” for Maelstrom Pulse.

A token has the same name as its creature type unless whatever created it gives it a different name. So Maelstrom Pulse can kill any "Wurm" token no matter what abilities it has or what colors it is or what its P/T might be!
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Abzan Beastmaster always triggers on your upkeep.

Abzan Beastmaster's triggered ability has an "if" but it's not conditional. That means it triggers regardless, and only checks toughness as it resolves.

Manifest and Commander damage.

A face-down commander is still a commander, even if manifested that way, so it still deals commander damage!

Manifest and Gift of Immortality

Gift of Immortality can return any permanent card that it was attached to if the card was a face-down manifest creature when it died. It can't return an instant or sorcery. Details inside!

Manifest and Double-Faced cards

Double-faced cards have discovered a way to be face-down on the battlefield, but only if they enter that way due to the manifest ability! We explain how that works in real life.

Eidolon of the Great Revel vs. Delve spells.

Delve doesn't actually reduce the cost of a spell; it just changes how you can pay the cost. The converted mana cost of the spell will remain whatever is printed in the top right corner no matter what!
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Dragon Throne of Tarkir vs. Blinding Spray

Dragon Throne checks power as the ability resolves, so if you respond to the activation by reducing power below 0, you can actually end up killing the other creatures it was supposed to be pumping!
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You can’t see face-down creature spells with Lens of Clarity.

A creature only exists on the battlefield, while a creature spell exists on the stack. As such, Lens of Clarity doesn't let you see face down spells before you decide whether to respond to them.