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How Menace works.

Learn how an old idea has been turned into a much more efficient keyword with Menace!

Transformers! How to transform Kytheon/Gideon

Welcome back. I know, it’s weird. It’s the weekend, and we’re updating! It’s not what you’re used up. But creatures transforming into planeswalkers is also weird, and we’re just so excited about these new planeswalkers that we want to talk …
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There has always been some confusion among players with how triggered abilities work. Sometimes the ability is so clearly written it just makes sense. Sometimes however, cards like Raving Dead use language that creates a slight amount of ambiguity as …

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Mur d’Essence et attaquants multiples

Le truc d’aujourd’hui commence par un scénario : Tu es à 5 points de vie. Ton adversaire t’attaque avec un Persécuteur indulgent et un Seigneur d’essaim slivoïde. Tu n’as qu’un unique Mur d’essence à tes côtés, prêt à mourir pour …

Tournament Tuesday: Goblin Rabblemaster Confusion!

Today’s post is going to be about everyone’s favorite Goblin buddy-maker (Well, second favorite for Commander players! No hard feelings, Krenko): Goblin Rabblemaster. He slices, he dices, he makes disposable bodies to feed to Butcher of the Horde and he …

Shaman of the Great Hunt in combat with other attackers.

Shaman of the Great Hunt's triggers will still resolve even if it dies from combat damage. Other creatures that got through will still get the counter.

Why two attacking Flamerush Riders don’t “go infinite”

Two Flamerush Riders can copy each other as they attack, but the tokens don't trigger to copy something because they didn't "attack."

Flamerush Rider copying Mardu Hearpiercer

Flamerush Rider trigger when it attacks, which means any token copy of a creature with a Raid enters-the-battlefield ability will trigger accordingly when the token is created.
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Butcher of the Horde and Bloodsoaked Champion: Mardu Synergy

Today’s tip unfortunately doesn’t cover any of the new cards from Fate Reforged, but it’s still quite useful! Butcher of the Horde is a pretty neat card, and it lets you turn your creatures (such as the goblin tokens from …
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Comeuppance + Comeuppance = a drawn game.

Comeuppance can do cool and weird things in combat (and two players with Comeuppance can result in a draw!). Learn about it here!