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Flamerush Rider copying Mardu Hearpiercer

Flamerush Rider trigger when it attacks, which means any token copy of a creature with a Raid enters-the-battlefield ability will trigger accordingly when the token is created.
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Butcher of the Horde and Bloodsoaked Champion: Mardu Synergy

Today’s tip unfortunately doesn’t cover any of the new cards from Fate Reforged, but it’s still quite useful! Butcher of the Horde is a pretty neat card, and it lets you turn your creatures (such as the goblin tokens from …
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Comeuppance + Comeuppance = a drawn game.

Comeuppance can do cool and weird things in combat (and two players with Comeuppance can result in a draw!). Learn about it here!

Deflecting Palm and lethal damage from combat

Deflecting Palm can pretty easily cause a game to become a draw by preventing and dealing some part of combat damage from multiple attacking creatures.

Wall of Essence and Multiple Attackers

Today’s Rules Tip begins with a scenario: You’re at 5 life. Your opponent is attacking you with an Indulgent Tormentor and a Sliver Hivelord. You have a lone Wall of Essence on your side ready to die for your protection. …

Shield of the Avatar and Multiple Blockers

Wrapping up this week’s tips, we have a fun equipment for creature-heavy decks: Shield of the Avatar. This little toy helps keep your best guy alive by putting a damage-prevention effect around that creature. How much does it prevent? Well, …

Inferno Fist in Combat: Choices, Choices

Among the new cards we’ve gotten questions about from M15 is a neat little aura called Inferno Fist. As with other Auras, it’ll enchant something (in this case, a creature!) and do something neat. What Fist does, specifically, is boost …

Preeminent Captain Won’t Trigger Military Intelligence

As is usual with the summer Core Set, we’ve gotten back some good old friends from days past. One of those old friends is Preeminent Captain, a very fun creature that was originally printed with all his Kithkin buddies in …
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What “attacks if able” really means.

"Attacks if able" is pretty straightforward, until you add other restrictions or requirements! See inside for some more detail.

Brimaz vs. Silent Arbiter.

Against Silent Arbiter, Brimaz can attack by himself, but you still end up with 2 attacking creatures.
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