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Modern Masters Week: Hurkyl’s Recall and Control Changing

Welcome to the final day of Modern Masters week! Today we’ll be covering a bit of a corner case interaction, but a fun one. There’s a good chunk of artifacts in this set (after all, Metalcraft is a draft archetype), …

Silumgar’s Scorn with a Dragon on the Stack

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another week of rules tips! There’s still some Standard situations that come up, so that’s what we’re going to focus on this week. Today, we kick things off with Silumgar’s Scorn. You’re down to …
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La capacité +1 de Sorin et les créatures arrivant ensuite

Pendant votre tour, vous utilisez la capacité +1 de Sorin, donnant ainsi +1/+0 et le lien de vie à vos créatures jusqu’à votre prochain tour. Ensuite, vous attaquez avec Brimaz, roi d’Oreskos. Le jeton chat soldat 1/1 est-il concerné par …

Les capacités “Lieutenant” connaissent les Commandants face cachée ou qui copient quelque chose

Bon retour parmi nous et aujourd’hui, nous allons parler du nouveau mot de capacité – Lieutenant. Lieutenant est un mot de capacité, ce qui signifie qu’il n’a pas de sens particulier au regard des règles. Il est juste là pour …

The “lieutenant” abilities know about commanders that are face-down or copying something.

A commander by any other name (or status) is still a commander, as far as the lieutenant abilities are concerned.

Sorin’s +1 and creatures entering afterwards.

Sorin's +1 can be confusing for many people. How exactly do you determine which creatures get the bonus? Well, the creatures that will be affected are locked in at the moment the ability resolves, and that bonus simply lasts on those creatures until Sorin's controller's next turn begins.
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Heart-Piercer Bow with Act of Treason

Heart-Piercer Bow has its own triggered ability, which is controlled by the player who controls the Bow, no matter who controls the creature its attached to. This can be a little confusing with Act of Treason, so read up on that interaction here!
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Meandering Turtle and Act of Treason

Meandering Towershell's trigger uses the wording "your control" which is distinctly different from "it's owner's control." That means it's pretty easy to take control of the Turtle permanently with thinks like Act of Treason!
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Cube Week! If you control The Abyss, it can’t kill your opponent’s True-Name Nemesis.

The Abyss has a target, and the ability is always controlled by the player who controls the Abyss (even if it's not that player choosing the target). This matters when checking target legality vs. True-Name Nemesis or any hexproof creature!
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Mind Control and Gods: Not a Great Idea

So your opponent is staring you down with an active Nylea, God of the Hunt, or maybe his Erebos, God of the Dead is online and giving you the business. Your board is fairly barren, but you’ve got a nice …
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