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Zada et Tactiques en tandem

Aujourd’hui nous allons voir de plus près une des cartes de copie les plus récentes, Zada, broyeuse d’hédron. La capacité de Zada se déclenchera si vous lancez un sort qui cible seulement Zada. Elle ne se déclenchera pas si le …

Zada and Tandem Tactics

Tandem Tactics can only trigger Zada if you choose Zada as the single target for it, and the copies will each have a single target as well.
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Cavalier courseflamme copiant Perce-cœur marduenne

Le “Card Advantage” est sans doute l’aspect le plus important à gérer pour gagner à Magic. Un bon moyen de transformer un “deux pour un” en “trois pour un” est d’attaquer avec à la fois un Cavalier courseflamme et une …

Flamerush Rider copying Mardu Hearpiercer

Flamerush Rider trigger when it attacks, which means any token copy of a creature with a Raid enters-the-battlefield ability will trigger accordingly when the token is created.
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It’s a conspiracy (week)! Hidden Agendas and Naming

Hey there, gang! Remember way back on Monday when I offhandedly mentioned there were some conspiracies you didn’t reveal right away? Well, now is the day that we’ll actually be talking about those! As we covered earlier in the week, …
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Heroic and Cipher Interactions

Cipher is the mechanic associated with House Dimir from the recent Return to Ravnica block: spells with Cipher allow you to ‘encode’ them onto a creature, and cast a copy of the spell for free every time the creature connects …
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Cloning/Mimicing your heroic creatures won’t trigger their heroic abilities.

Clones (cards that copy something as they enter the battlefield), such as Progenitor Mimic, don’t target. No matter how hard you try, when you choose a heroic creature with clones such as these, the heroic trigger’s requirements (1. That it’s …
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Wild Ricochet + Rakdos’s Return

I’m glad to see Wild Ricochet making a return to Standard; it’s such a fun card, and can lead to hilarious reactions when timed right (A friend of mine once used Wild Ricochet against a Primal Command, spinning two lands …
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Chandra, Pyromaster and Modal Spells

Modal spells are always great fun; they let you pick between multiple options when you cast them, making them very versatile and able to deal with lots of situations with fewer cards. But how do modal spells work when you …
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Elite Arcanist and X Spell

You know what sounds fun? Getting rid of the 2 mana restriction on Isochron Scepter, and making it a creature. In Magic 2014, they did that, and gave us Elite Arcanist. Unlike his Scepter predecessor, Arcanist has no limit on …