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Combat Tricks with Lodestone Myr

As Magic players, we learn early on that creatures can’t tap or attack (unless they have Haste) the first turn they come under our control. There are cards, however, that can use “sick” creatures to tap, even though they just …

Obstination et rebond

Pendant que nous parlons du Rebond, abordons quelque chose qui FONCTIONNE avec … des coûts additionnels ! Comme vous le savez peut être, il n’est pas possible de de payer plus d’un seul coût alternatif à la fois (Vous ne …

Tout sur les fetchlands

Les nouveaux joueurs découvrent un phénomène pour la première fois dans les plaines de Magic. Quel est donc cette incroyable technique ? Aller chercher des terrains ! Avec des cartes comme Étendues sauvages en évolution, Immensité terramorphe (tous deux ne …

Strive and Rebound

While we’re still talking Rebound, let’s look at something it DOES work with- additional costs! As you may know, it isn’t possible to pay more than one alternate cost at the same time (So you couldn’t Overload a spell cast …

Delve vs. Stubborn Denial

As you may know, Delve and Convoke’s basic workings were changed with the rules updates for Magic 2014. Previously, they were simply ways to reduce costs before you paid them; nowadays, the Delving/Convoking is a payment! The only real difference, …

Outpost Siege and Dash

Outpost Siege lets you cast the exiled card, but it doesn't mandate any kind of alternative cost (such as "without paying its mana cost"). That means you can choose to pay the Dash cost for the exiled card, and it will return to your hand normally at end of turn.
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All about fetchlands

Learn all there is to know about "fetch lands" in today's tip.

Prerelease Primer Week – Delve with the Sultai

The Sultai brood are an opulent and decadent clan of necromancers, naga, and naga necromancers. They revere the ruthlessness of the long-gone dragons, and their symbol is a single dragon’s fang. Even their dead fuel their war machine, thanks to …

Prerelease Week: Returning mechanics – Convoke

We offer a refresher course on how Convoke works.

Brimaz vs. Sphere of Safety

Brimaz, King of Oreskos is a quite powerful hero. There are many powerful interactions featuring this fabled feline. This week, we will be looking at a few of them in detail! To start off, Brimaz is quite strong against Sphere …