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Indestructible, Damage, and Bile Blight

Indestructible is a neat little ability. It does exactly what you’d expect- it means that the permanent in question simply can’t be destroyed, whether that be via lethal damage or a “destroy” effect like Shatter or Doom Blade. It does …

How Arcane Lighthouse works.

Similar to the Archetype cycle, Arcane Lighthouse removes hexproof/shroud and makes sure it can't be regained this turn!

Sorin’s +1 and creatures entering afterwards.

Sorin's +1 can be confusing for many people. How exactly do you determine which creatures get the bonus? Well, the creatures that will be affected are locked in at the moment the ability resolves, and that bonus simply lasts on those creatures until Sorin's controller's next turn begins.
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Ensoul Artifact – Learn All About It!

Making a 5/5 flyer or 5/5 indestructible creature on turn two brightens my soul. Both options are possible with Ensoul Artifact. Ensoul Artifact works by setting the base power and toughness of any artifact to 5/5 and, if it isn’t …

Resolute Archangel vs. Erebos

Setting your life total to a higher number counts as gaining life. So if you're unable to gain life, there's no way for your life total to increase.
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Make it Count(ers): Why Not All +1/+1 Effects Are Counters

As we’ve probably learned over the years, cards generally do exactly what their Gatherer texts say. But some people still get confused. A major thing that I’ve seen trip people up is confusion about counters. Some people think that a …
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Warp World and Humility (Confusion level: Expert!)

Warp World is weird, and so is Humility. Put them together, and weird things happen with triggers. If you're less confused after reading this blog entry, I'll be impressed!
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Bestowing Hypnotic Siren on a creature with a Constellation trigger.

The interaction of Hypnotic Siren and Constellation abilities can be perhaps a bit unintuitive. You get the trigger if you gain control of a creature with a Constellation ability by bestowing Hypnotic Siren! Here's an explanation of why.

Athreos and Mutavault (or any animated non-creature).

If Mutavault is a creature when it dies, it will trigger Athreos and will be returned to your hand unless the opponent pays 3 life.
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Drown in Sorrow vs. Mutavault.

Drown in Sorrow only affects things that are creatures at the moment it resolves. Any creatures that appear later in the turn won't be affected!
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