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Containment Priest vs. Flickerwisp

A creature that "flickers" under the purveyance of Containment Priest is not going to be able to come back to the battlefield.
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Containment Priest vs. Ichorid and Narcomoeba

Ichorid and Narcomoeba are gonna have a bad time if they try to enter while Containment Priest is around!
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Containment Priest vs. Cascade

Cascade tells you to cast the card you exile, so Containment Priest doesn't interfere.

Containment Priest vs. Dryad Arbor

Dryad Arbor can never be cast from your hand (or anywhere), so it can never enter the battlefield with Containment Priest around!
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Comeuppance + Comeuppance = a drawn game.

Comeuppance can do cool and weird things in combat (and two players with Comeuppance can result in a draw!). Learn about it here!

Deflecting Palm + Dictate of the Twin Gods

Deflecting Palm prevents damage, then it deals damage (not quite the same as redirection!). This means there are two chances for replacement effects to apply to that damage. Read up on the details here!
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Deflecting Palm and lethal damage from combat

Deflecting Palm can pretty easily cause a game to become a draw by preventing and dealing some part of combat damage from multiple attacking creatures.

Anafenza and tokens (they aren’t “cards”).

A token is never a card, and vice versa. Anafenza's replacement effect only applies to actual cards, so it doesn't interfere with tokens hitting the graveyard normally.

Prerelease Primer Week – The Ferocious Temur

Last and certainly not least of the five clans, we have the Temur Frontier. They live in the coldest parts of Tarkir, and revere the savagery of the dragons. Their symbol is a set of dragon’s claws, and their mechanic …
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Shield of the Avatar and Multiple Blockers

Wrapping up this week’s tips, we have a fun equipment for creature-heavy decks: Shield of the Avatar. This little toy helps keep your best guy alive by putting a damage-prevention effect around that creature. How much does it prevent? Well, …