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Manifest and Double-Faced cards

Double-faced cards have discovered a way to be face-down on the battlefield, but only if they enter that way due to the manifest ability! We explain how that works in real life.

Prerelease Week: Returning mechanics – Indestructible

Remind yourself about the subtleties of indestructible (including the M14 change), since this keyword ability returns in M15 (alongside Turn to Frog, no less!).
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Prerelease Week: Returning mechanics – Fight

Fight returns in M15, and in case you aren't sure how it works, we explain it!

Journey into Nyx Mechanics Week – Returning Mechanics Part Two

Today we offer a refresher on the the returning Theros block mechanics you'll see at the prerelease, including Monstrosity, Tribute, Inspired, and Bestow (plus a crash course on the gods of Theros).

Brave the Elements, Gods Willing, and Auras

Back when Zendikar block was still in standard, Brave the Elements was one of my favorite cards. We may have that back, but we also have Gods Willing, which grants protection to just one of your creatures, but that creature …
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Bestow and Cost Modification

All right, the dust from Theros has more or less settled, and everyone’s got a pretty good feel for the mechanics. But there are some nitpicky things that might not come up often, that you’re unsure how to handle. For …
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Monstrous Isn’t Linked to the Counters

While this didn’t come up much at the prerelease (since there’s no real way to get rid of their +1/+1 counters in Theros sealed!), I’ve seen and heard a few players thinking that “Monstrous” is linked to the counters themselves. …

Melira and Inkmoth Nexus

Infect! Quite the polarizing mechanic in most areas, it was either considered laughably bad or stupidly broken depending on who you were talking to. It’s gained some traction lately with eggs-in-one-basket rush decks, especially in Modern, and it’s possible you …
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Runner’s Bane will fall off a creature once its power is 4+.

This one came up quite a lot at our prerelease! Runner’s Bane is a solid common in Limited, locking down your opponent’s little dudes. It can clear a path for you to swing early on, or it can disable his …

Prerelease week: How Fuse works.

Split cards have always been a fan favorite. Probably for the same reason people love the Charms so much: they give you options. In the past, we had entwine, to let you cast all of the modes a spell has, …