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Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is doubly good in 2HG.

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is doubly good in 2HG because "beginning of combat on each opponent's turn" means it triggers once for each opponent, even though they share a combat phase.

How Shaman of Forgotten Ways works in 2HG

Shaman of Forgotten Ways tries to set each player's life total to a specific number, but how does that work when you have two players and only only life total? You pick one player and ignore the other when resolving the effect!

It’s a conspiracy (week)! Every Vote Counts, So Count Every Vote

To wrap up this week’s Conspiracy theme, we’ll touch on one of the most multiplayer mechanics in the whole set- Voting! There’s multiple cards in the set that have the ability word “Will of the Council”. Just like other ability …
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It’s a conspiracy (week)! Hidden Agendas and Naming

Hey there, gang! Remember way back on Monday when I offhandedly mentioned there were some conspiracies you didn’t reveal right away? Well, now is the day that we’ll actually be talking about those! As we covered earlier in the week, …
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It’s a conspiracy (week)! How to use Lore Seeker

Let’s keep the ball rolling on our Conspiracy week! One of the many cards in Conspiracy that messes with the drafting process itself is Lore Seeker. In a normal draft, each player receives the same mix of 3 packs, and …

It’s a Conspiracy (week)! Conspiracy Legality

Yes, even during Conspiracy week, we conspire to bring you tournament tips on Tuesday (I just couldn’t fit all that mess into the header, is all). Conspiracy has lots of new cards among the fun old reprints (Hi, Brainstorm!), and …

It’s a Conspiracy (week)! Not all Power Plays bear fruit.

Welcome to Conspiracy week, all you kingslayers and double-dealers! To celebrate the release of the new Summer Multiplayer product, we’re doing a whole week on the wacky hilarity that can come up during your Conspiracy drafts. What better ‘first’ to …

Tournament Tuesday: You Can’t Sanction Conspiracy Drafts

It is now five days after the launch of Conspiracy. We here at the rules tips blog hope you had a lot of fun drafting it so far. One concern that we would like to get out to the general …

Warp World and Humility (Confusion level: Expert!)

Warp World is weird, and so is Humility. Put them together, and weird things happen with triggers. If you're less confused after reading this blog entry, I'll be impressed!
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Commander: Leaving the Game

Ever wonder what happens to all that stuff somebody controls when you kill that player off in a multiplayer game? Learn the gritty details here!