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Commander: Leaving the Game

Ever wonder what happens to all that stuff somebody controls when you kill that player off in a multiplayer game? Learn the gritty details here! Continue reading

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Commander Week: Casting Commanders

Welcome to Commander Week! First off, we discuss some basics of the format and how the “commander tax” works. Continue reading

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How Tempting Offer really works

Oh, what a tempting offer we have! How do these spells really work? Find out in this post! Continue reading

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“Commander damage” is only from combat damage.

A very common question is whether Ashling the Pilgrim or Heartless Hidetsugu can kill opponents by dealing 21 damage even without attacking. We explain why that doesn’t work! Continue reading

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Angelic Accord only triggers once per turn in 2HG.

In true Two-Headed Giant fashion, here comes the second head…err, rules tip…as the week draws to a close. Teammates don’t only share life totals in this format, they also share steps and phases. Ordinarily this doesn’t matter much; during your … Continue reading

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In 2HG, if one player can’t lose, the team can’t lose.

Two-Headed Giant is often a bit of a mystery for some people, so we explain how “You can’t lose the game” effects work when you have a teammate. Continue reading

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Extort and Commander

This question cropped up an awful lot once Extort was first spoiled, and even weeks after the release of Gatecrash I still hear it fairly often: Does Extort automatically make a card B/W for the purposes of color identity? The … Continue reading

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It That Betrays and Commanders

Om nom nom! is coming to get you — and your commander! For today’s tip, I want to talk about a cool interaction in Commander, the hugely-popular multiplayer format where each player chooses a legendary creature, called a “commander,” to … Continue reading

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Overloading in Two Headed Giant

Overload does weird things with 2HG. Some of you at the prerelease may have noticed that. See, all of the Overload spells that you aim at other people’s stuff work on everything of that sort you don’t control, if Overloaded. … Continue reading

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Multiplayer tips: How attacking/blocking works.

So normally, when you attack, there’s no question which player you’re attacking. However, when there are multiple legal choices for who to attack, it gets a little more involved. You still only get one combat phase and one of each … Continue reading

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