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Planeswalkers, Burn, and Hexproof

By now, I hope we’re all familiar with the planeswalker redirection rule. This is the rule that says if a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent, you can choose to deal that damage to a planeswalker … Continue reading

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Using the planeswalker uniqueness rule for profit.

Under the new rules, you can activate your planeswalker, then cast a second copy, put only the old one in the graveyard (instead of both!), and activate the new one! Not always the best value, but a neat trick that can come in handy in certain situations. Continue reading

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M14 Rules Changes! The Planeswalker Uniqueness Rule

This one is very similar to the Legend Rule update. Previously, any two planeswalkers on the field with the same subtype would go to the graveyard immediately. Now, the game only looks at the planeswalkers controlled by the same player, … Continue reading

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M14 Rules Changes, effective this Saturday July 13!

While we’re still waiting for the FAQ and the final Comprehensive Rules update bulletin for all the nit-picky details, we wanted to make sure everyone at least has an idea of how the rules are changing. The most noticeable changes … Continue reading

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Simic Charm and Planeswalkers

That’s right, we’re still hot on this Simic trend for the week! I promise, last Simic topic this week is a neat new card from Gatecrash with a lot of uses; you can pump a creature a la , you … Continue reading

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Boros Charm Doesn’t Save Planeswalkers

No matter when they’re printed, the various Charm cycles that have been printed over the years have appealed to pretty much all types of players. They serve many functions, and the Charm cycle in Return to Ravnica block is no … Continue reading

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Hellrider can hit Planeswalkers

has come back into favor in a lot of aggro decks, and alongside it we’re seeing a few more Planeswalkers being played. So it’s easy to imagine that you might come into a situation where they interact! ’s ability is … Continue reading

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The new Jace’s +1 ability doesn’t affect Geist of Saint Traft’s Angel token.

A new block rotation always comes with a new set of planeswalkers, and the new looks to be a fair bit more complicated than his predecessors. Today we’ll be focusing on his +1 ability. When it’s activated, it sets up … Continue reading

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Divine Deflection prevents and deals a TOTAL of X damage.

With the new card , the wording can be a little misleading. While one might read it to mean that it prevents X damage to you AND X damage for each creature or planeswalker you control, then deals all that … Continue reading

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How Liliana of the Veil’s first ability works.

There are many effects in Magic that cause multiple players to perform actions at the same time. ‘s first planeswalker ability is an example of this. When this ability resolves, each player in the game will discard a card. At … Continue reading

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