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Prerelease Primer Week – Outlast with the Abzan Clan

Thanks for enduring the wait until Wednesday to learn more about the Abzan- boy would they be proud of you! The Abzan clan on Tarkir revere the endurance of the dragons, and their symbol is a pair of crossed dragon …

Quicken doesn’t change when you can activate Whip of Erebos.

"Any time you could cast a sorcery" has a bit more rules meaning than the printed text. We explain what it really means and why it's worded this way!
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Planeswalkers and Hero’s Downfall

Since Planeswalkers were first introduced in Lorwyn, people have been trying to play around them, and to play them to their fullest. A common misconception some players have is attempting to kill an opponent’s planeswalker after it resolves, but before …

If your opponent does something in your end step, you get priority again.

Even though you said "go," you still get another chance to cast instants or activate abilities if your opponent does something during your end step.

Ashiok can’t be killed by Lightning Strike if Ashiok’s controller uses the +2 ability right away.

The active player gets priority after a spell resolves, and can use that priority to activate a loyalty ability (adding counters as a cost) before the opponent can cast an instant.

You can’t stop Eyes in the Skies by killing the new bird before populate happens.

If your opponent casts Eyes in the Skies, your first instinct might be to kill all his token creatures in response so he can’t populate. However, it’s not quite as easy as that. Once Eyes in the Skies starts to …
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How Nivmagus Elemental’s ability really works.

As many of you know, this weekend marked the pre-release of the new set, Return to Ravnica. Many of us judged such events, and we managed to collect a few common questions that popped up a lot, so we can …

What happens between two spells or abilities on the stack resolving.

Magic is a game of playing spells and abilities, interacting with them, and dealing with the results of them. How does this all work, and what happens during this process? When played, spells and abilities go into a zone called …

Strategy Week: Using priority to your benefit.

Ah, the good old days of “Bolt your Jace as soon as he comes in”. See, priority is a funny thing, and it’s almost like magic (editor’s note: no pun intended?) to the people who aren’t well-versed in it. The …

Second Guess can counter the second spell cast in a turn, no matter who cast the first spell.

At first glance, Second Guess doesn’t seem too exciting, but it is not as narrow as you might think. It only needs you to use it correctly, and maybe some shenanigans involving other spells. As you may know, Second Guess …