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Mur d’Essence et attaquants multiples

Le truc d’aujourd’hui commence par un scénario : Tu es à 5 points de vie. Ton adversaire t’attaque avec un Persécuteur indulgent et un Seigneur d’essaim slivoïde. Tu n’as qu’un unique Mur d’essence à tes côtés, prêt à mourir pour …

Indestructible, Damage, and Bile Blight

Indestructible is a neat little ability. It does exactly what you’d expect- it means that the permanent in question simply can’t be destroyed, whether that be via lethal damage or a “destroy” effect like Shatter or Doom Blade. It does …

Ensoul Artifact – Learn All About It!

Making a 5/5 flyer or 5/5 indestructible creature on turn two brightens my soul. Both options are possible with Ensoul Artifact. Ensoul Artifact works by setting the base power and toughness of any artifact to 5/5 and, if it isn’t …

Wall of Essence and Multiple Attackers

Today’s Rules Tip begins with a scenario: You’re at 5 life. Your opponent is attacking you with an Indulgent Tormentor and a Sliver Hivelord. You have a lone Wall of Essence on your side ready to die for your protection. …

Elesh Norn vs. Sakura-Tribe Elder, et. al.

You can only activate abilities when you have priority. If your creature enters the battlefield but dies before you get priority, you're not going to have a good time!

Warp World and Humility (Confusion level: Expert!)

Warp World is weird, and so is Humility. Put them together, and weird things happen with triggers. If you're less confused after reading this blog entry, I'll be impressed!
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Mind Control and Gods: Not a Great Idea

So your opponent is staring you down with an active Nylea, God of the Hunt, or maybe his Erebos, God of the Dead is online and giving you the business. Your board is fairly barren, but you’ve got a nice …
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Using the planeswalker uniqueness rule for profit.

Under the new rules, you can activate your planeswalker, then cast a second copy, put only the old one in the graveyard (instead of both!), and activate the new one! Not always the best value, but a neat trick that can come in handy in certain situations.

Brave the Elements, Gods Willing, and Auras

Back when Zendikar block was still in standard, Brave the Elements was one of my favorite cards. We may have that back, but we also have Gods Willing, which grants protection to just one of your creatures, but that creature …
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Bestow vs. Protection

Protection makes a Bestowed aura just drop off onto the battlefield as a creature, thanks to a last-minute rule addition that made it into the 9/27/13 Comp Rules.