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Tournament Tuesday: A Draw is a Draw!

Today’s tip is going to hopefully prevent some ugly misunderstandings for you guys! Sometimes, draws are going to happen. They might be intentional draws (such as those to lock in a Top 8 spot, or with a friend so you …

You must reveal manifested cards as they change zones or as the game ends.

A lot of players have been asking whether you need to reveal cards that were manifested when they change zones or as the game ends. Surely, we don’t need to reveal them to verify that they were manifested legally, right? …

Team Trios and Slow Play

Team Trios events are fun and cooperative! Just be sure not to bog down your matches by spending too much time discussing and/or debating plays with your teammates. Keep it short, keep it fast!

Tournament Tuesday: Common Courser of Kruphix Mistakes

Welcome back to our crash course(r) on Courser of Kruphix! Since today is Tuesday, we’ll be covering some IPG and MTR things about Courser of Kruphix, rather than just your normal Comprehensive Rules stuff. Mainly, we’ll be talking about the …

JAR Update: The importance of being respectful to others.

Be nice to each other at every event!

Don’t forget to reveal your Morphs as a game ends!

Whenever a face-down card changes zones, you must reveal it before it actually moves. This includes as a game ends and you would shuffle it into your deck. Don't get in trouble by forgetting!

You’re only allowed to have one DCI number.

Do you have trouble remembering your DCI number? Do you have a habit of just signing up for a new one each time you enter a tournament? Here are some tips to avoid this problem!

Tournament Tuesday: How To Handle a Missed Roaring Primadox Trigger

Welcome back to Tournament Tuesday, where we’re going to cover our favorite topic again: Missed Triggers! Today’s missed trigger discussion is going to be about an uncommon creature from Magic 2015, originally printed in Magic 2013: Roaring Primadox. Primadox has …

Tournament Tuesday: Redefinition of USC Major

Some of you who keep a closer ear to the tournament scene might have heard about a change to Unsporting Conduct – Major. Among other things, we’ve upgraded this penalty from a Game Loss to a Match Loss, and now …

Don’t distract players mid-match.

Players are expected to play their own games, so resist the urge to comment on ongoing matches or provide play advice.