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Team Trio et Slow play

Toi et deux de tes meilleurs amis joueurs de Magic avez décidé de vous inscrire à ce fameux tournoi en Team Trio qui a tant attiré ton attention… et maintenant ? Une fois la première ronde démarrée, le tournoi se …

Team Trios and Slow Play

Team Trios events are fun and cooperative! Just be sure not to bog down your matches by spending too much time discussing and/or debating plays with your teammates. Keep it short, keep it fast!

Don’t distract players mid-match.

Players are expected to play their own games, so resist the urge to comment on ongoing matches or provide play advice.

If your opponent does something in your end step, you get priority again.

Even though you said "go," you still get another chance to cast instants or activate abilities if your opponent does something during your end step.

Assisting others during deck construction at Regular REL w/o decklists.

We're here to clear up a common misconception about helping each other during deck construction at events that don't use deck lists. It's not against the rules!

How naming choices too early for creatures with targeted triggers or copy effects works.

“My Clone targets your Huntmaster.” “I’ll play Wolfir Silverheart soulbonding the token.” “Exile all your creatures with my Angel of Serenity.” Statements like this, technically speaking, aren’t correct. When you cast a creature spell, it doesn’t have a target, even …

You can’t show or tell your draft picks during a draft, ever.

All tournaments are governed by the all knowing Magic Tournament Rules, no matter what type of tournament you’re in. As long as they are DCI sanctioned, they are bound by the rules laid out there. The 55-page document might be …

A spectator’s role at FNM, a PTQ or Grand Prix day 2.

Whether you’re at your local FNM, watching a match because you already finished your match, or you’re at a Grand Prix watching your friend play, it’s not uncommon to see spectators watching matches. So what is expected of a spectator …

Tournament Tuesday: Life Totals

This is an older ‘change’ than the Missed Trigger update a little while back, but it’s one we haven’t really covered. One of the toughest things for a Judge to figure out is a life total discrepancy; when Player A …

Tournament Tuesday: Changes to the Missed Trigger Policy

Taking a little break from the Return to Ravnica previews, we’ll do our normal Tournament Tuesday tip. NOTE: All of this only matters at Competitive REL and higher—stuff like PTQs and GPTs and GPs—and it won’t go into effect until October …
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