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Monastery Siege, et. al. – An explanation of draw step triggers.

Monastery Siege and other draw step triggers can only go on the stack and resolve after you've drawn your card for the turn, making them considerably better than the other way around!

Tournament Tuesday: Goblin Rabblemaster Confusion!

Today’s post is going to be about everyone’s favorite Goblin buddy-maker (Well, second favorite for Commander players! No hard feelings, Krenko): Goblin Rabblemaster. He slices, he dices, he makes disposable bodies to feed to Butcher of the Horde and he …

Courser of Kruphix: Denying Land Drops

And now we close out the week with anti-synergy: messing with your opponent’s plays! We all know that Course of Kruphix is just a circus of value- it helps you fix your land drops if you’ve got none in hand …

Coursière de Kruphix et étape de pioche

Nous allons terminer la semaine avec un petit conseil pour lutter contre les synergies de votre adversaire, en mettant la pagaille dans ses plans! Nous savons tous que La coursière de Kruphix n’est qu’à elle seule une montagne d’avantages et …

Ivorytusk Fortress vs. Icy Blast, Crippling Chill, et. al.

Ivorytusk Fortress tells you to untap your creatures with +1/+1 counters during your opponent's untap step, while Icy Blast and its kin say they don't untap during their *controller's* next untap step. This means there's no problem untapping during the opponent's turn!
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Prerelease Primer Week – Raid with the Mardu Clan

Welcome back to our Prerelease Primer Week! Today we’ll be focusing on the mechanic of the Red/White/Black Mardu clan, who revere the speed of the dragon. Fitting with this theme is their mechanic, Raid. Like lots of recent mechanics, Raid …

Arbiter of the Ideal and Thassa – Stacking triggers for value.

The Inspired abilities might trigger during your untap step, but triggers can't go on the stack in that step. In essence, they will work like an upkeep trigger and you can order them along with any other upkeep triggers you need to put on the stack at the same time!
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Quicken doesn’t change when you can activate Whip of Erebos.

"Any time you could cast a sorcery" has a bit more rules meaning than the printed text. We explain what it really means and why it's worded this way!
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Removing or adding first strike or double strike mid-combat.

Losing first strike or double strike after dealing damage doesn't let a creature deal regular damage in the next step... because that just wouldn't make sense!
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How to Attack with Mutavault

Mutavault is back in town, and doing fun Mutavault things! It swings for 2, it gets pumped by Master of Waves, it has the subtypes of Ninja Mutant Turtle- and it taps for mana! What a land. However, some people …