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Modern Masters Week: I’ve got Soul(shift)

Welcome back to Modern Masters Week! Today, we’ll be covering… Soulshift! No points for guessing, I told you that yesterday. Soulshift is another mechanic from Kamigawa block, which was heavily laden with Spirit creatures. Put simply, Soulshift lets you get …

Modern Masters Week: Arcane Spells

Welcome to our lead-up to Modern Masters 2015! Hopefully a great many of you will be enjoying the festivities at the Grands Prix in Las Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba this weekend (nearly the entire Rules Tips Blog team will be …

Manifest and Gift of Immortality

Gift of Immortality can return any permanent card that it was attached to if the card was a face-down manifest creature when it died. It can't return an instant or sorcery. Details inside!

Manifest and Athreos

Athreos triggers when any of its controller's creatures die, and no matter what they look like in the graveyard, they can still be returned unless 3 life is paid.

Ensoul Artifact – Learn All About It!

Making a 5/5 flyer or 5/5 indestructible creature on turn two brightens my soul. Both options are possible with Ensoul Artifact. Ensoul Artifact works by setting the base power and toughness of any artifact to 5/5 and, if it isn’t …

Bestow cards are not auras in your library.

When you're searching your library for an aura card, it has to have aura printed in the type line. A bestow card doesn't qualify!
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How to Attack with Mutavault

Mutavault is back in town, and doing fun Mutavault things! It swings for 2, it gets pumped by Master of Waves, it has the subtypes of Ninja Mutant Turtle- and it taps for mana! What a land. However, some people …

Duress can never cause a Theros god to be discarded.

A god card is always a creature card (never a noncreature card). The only exception is while it's on the battlefield and your devotion is less than 5.

Devotion and Counterspells

By far the biggest chunk of questions I’ve gotten from my players and my threads the past week are all about the last mechanic we’re covering this week (sorry, Scry): Devotion. Devotion is more or less a reworking of Chroma, …
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Stony Silence and Artifact Lands

To finish out this week’s Modern flair, let’s talk about a deck called Robots (or back in my crotchety Old Fogey days, “Affinity”). It uses lots of artifacts to make your opponent and his life total very sad. The Legacy …