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Ensoul Artifact – Learn All About It!

Making a 5/5 flyer or 5/5 indestructible creature on turn two brightens my soul. Both options are possible with Ensoul Artifact. Ensoul Artifact works by setting the base power and toughness of any artifact to 5/5 and, if it isn’t …

Athreos and Mutavault (or any animated non-creature).

If Mutavault is a creature when it dies, it will trigger Athreos and will be returned to your hand unless the opponent pays 3 life.
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Mind Control and Gods: Not a Great Idea

So your opponent is staring you down with an active Nylea, God of the Hunt, or maybe his Erebos, God of the Dead is online and giving you the business. Your board is fairly barren, but you’ve got a nice …
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When Bestow Creatures Can Attack

A misconception I’ve seen a lot of is players thinking that once a noncreature permanent becomes a creature, it gains summoning sickness until it’s been a creature for a turn. That’s simply not true! The rules don’t care how long …

How to Attack with Mutavault

Mutavault is back in town, and doing fun Mutavault things! It swings for 2, it gets pumped by Master of Waves, it has the subtypes of Ninja Mutant Turtle- and it taps for mana! What a land. However, some people …

Devotion and Counterspells

By far the biggest chunk of questions I’ve gotten from my players and my threads the past week are all about the last mechanic we’re covering this week (sorry, Scry): Devotion. Devotion is more or less a reworking of Chroma, …
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Stony Silence and Artifact Lands

To finish out this week’s Modern flair, let’s talk about a deck called Robots (or back in my crotchety Old Fogey days, “Affinity”). It uses lots of artifacts to make your opponent and his life total very sad. The Legacy …

Blood Moon and Dryad Arbor

Modern Madness continues, if you hadn’t caught onto this week’s theme. Since the manabases in Modern can get greedy with their shocks and fetches and other color-providing wonder, Blood Moon is a common sideboard hate card to punish those greedy …
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Spreading Seas vs. the Urza’s lands.

So by now, most people are familiar with the “Urzatron” decks that are popular in Modern. They revolve around getting the three different Urza’s lands (Power Plant, Mine, and Tower) to cast large spells rather quickly, getting 7 colorless mana …
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Keyrunes Tips and Tricks

Reader suggestion time! Sort of. We got a submission from our Suggest a Rules Tip box about Keyrunes, and some of the tricky things about them. For example: You can throw down a Keyrune on turn 3 and immediately tap …