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Prerelease Primer: Tips for the Prerelease!

Hello and welcome to the final day of our Prerelease Primer week! Tonight at Midnight, many of you will be sitting in your local stores (or maybe larger venues!) waiting to crack open your Fate Reforged packs and have a …

Prerelease Primer: Returning Mechanics

Welcome back to Prerelease Primer Week! Unfortunately, we’re fresh out of new mechanics to cover, as there’s only three in this set! Fortunately, there’s still things for us to talk about- today, we’ll be discussing the returning mechanics of the …

Prerelease Primer: Manifest

Today we’re going to get to the real meat and potatoes of Fate Reforged! We’ve already covered Dash and Bolster, and that just leaves us one new mechanic (we will cover the returning mechanics tomorrow, but that’s all that’s left …

Containment Priest vs. Show and Tell

Containment Priest can only affect things that enter while it's already in play. So anything that enters at the same time, like with Show and Tell, will be able to enter normally.
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Assault Suit – What “can’t be sacrificed” means.

There have been a few cards that prevent sacrifices from opponent's effects, but "can't be sacrificed" is a new ability, so we explain exactly what it means for Assault Suit!

How to kill your opponent’s Sylvan Caryatid with Bile Blight.

Sylvan Caryatid has hexproof, which means you can't target your opponent's Caryatid with Bile Blight... but there's a great trick you may not have thought about that could win you a game some time, if you control a Caryatid of your own!
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Aggressive Mining doesn’t stop lands from entering the battlefield another way.

Make sure you know the difference between actually "playing" a land and simply putting a land onto the battlefield.

Mass Calcify, Hunter’s Ambush, and Multicolored Creatures

Keeping with the long tradition of there needing to be some kind of white board wipe somewhere in Standard, M15 gave us back Mass Calcify, a 7-mana potentially one-sided board wipe originally printed in Shadowmoor. Conveniently, Mass Calcify goes pretty …

Worst Fears Can’t Force a Concession!

Being controlled by another player is often one of their Worst Fears. I mean, you can pretty much do anything they could normally do. You can make them Lightning Strike themselves in the face, you can make their 1/1 attack …

Eidolon of the Great Revel Hurts You Too!

Red deck wins is often one of the most popular decks in standard. Cheap burn spells, aggressive creatures and hasty threats are known for stealing games from opponents. The mono red special received a powerful tool in Journey into Nyx. …