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Courser of Kruphix and Fetchlands

All this week, we’ll be covering one specific card: . It’s a commonly played card, and the semi-unique ability it has leads to lots of interesting rules interactions and questions. Every day this week, we’ll cover a different one! Today … Continue reading

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Suspension Field vs. Morphs – They return face up.

Welcome back to another week here at the Rules Tips Blog. Let’s look at today’s question: morphs and . Let’s say I have a face down and a on the battlefield, making my face down creature a 2/3. My opponent, … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to reveal your Morphs as a game ends!

Whenever a face-down card changes zones, you must reveal it before it actually moves. This includes as a game ends and you would shuffle it into your deck. Don’t get in trouble by forgetting! Continue reading

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Bestow cards are not auras in your library.

When you’re searching your library for an aura card, it has to have aura printed in the type line. A bestow card doesn’t qualify! Continue reading

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Jeleva only has access to the cards it exiled, not to cards exiled by another Jeleva

Jeleva can only track the cards it exiled when it entered the battlefield as long as it remains on the battlefield. If Jeleva leaves and comes back, it forgets all the previously exiled cards. Continue reading

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Duress can never cause a Theros god to be discarded.

A god card is always a creature card (never a noncreature card). The only exception is while it’s on the battlefield and your devotion is less than 5. Continue reading

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Nightveil Specter lets you play the exiled card(s), but not for free.

Unlike an explosive card such as , which exiles a bunch of cards then lets you cast them right away for free, Nightveil Specter prefers to play a slower, more gradual game. When you exile a card with the Specter, … Continue reading

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Protection from creatures prevents targeting with Bloodrush.

To quickly remind yourself of what protection does, just think of the Orzhov guild’s favorite word: DEBT. D stands for dealing damage; E stands for enchanting/equipping; B stands for blocking; and T stands for targeting. While you might be most … Continue reading

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You can’t Burning Wish for exiled cards

When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you But what can you Wish for in Magic? A card like Burning Wish tells you to choose a sorcery card … Continue reading

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The different ways Dryad Militant interacts with removal spells.

! This little tree-girl seems like lots of fun in Limited and Constructed both, but the most common question I’ve seen regarding her is how she works with removal. When does the spell go to the graveyard? Does she exile … Continue reading

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