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Extort’s loss of life can’t hit a planeswalker.

Quick question: What’s the difference between damage and loss of life? As you can see from the cards above, whether an effect deals damage or just causes loss of life is dependent on the specific wording of the effect. When …

Extort resolves BEFORE the spell that triggered it.

Slow and controlling as they may be, those greedy Orzhov just can’t wait to dig their spectral claws into your opponent’s life points. In fact, when you cast a spell to trigger extort, they don’t even wait for that spell …

Orzhov: How Extort works.

Keeping with their “bleed ‘em dry” theme from the old Ravnica, the Church of Deals has a new way to tax your opponent to death: Extort. Whenever you cast a spell while you control a permanent with Extort, you may …