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Havoc Festival and Eternity Vessel

I can tell you from firsthand experience that Havoc Festival can be a nasty card (especially in 2HG!), speeding the game up for better or for worse by halving life totals constantly and completely shutting down lifegain. But wait, you …
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If Parasalene destroys Havoc Festival, you will gain life.

Your Rakdos opponent has gotten off to a fairly fast start. You managed to Supreme Verdict their board away, but then they dropped a Havoc Festival, shutting off your life gain and threatening to drop you into burn range. You’re …
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Sphinx’s Revelation vs. Havoc Festival – You can draw cards even if you won’t gain life.

In Magic, there is a “Golden rule” that you should always remember. Basically, it says that “can’t” overrides “can”. So lets explore what happens when Narcissa controls Havoc Festival, and Annabelle casts Sphinx’s Revelation. Sphinx’s Revelation says to gain X …
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