MTR/IPG updates delayed to February 4

Quick post for everyone waiting for the new policy docs: they’re going to be delayed a week and released on Feb 4.

It’s nothing problematic – the documents are done – but, a few days ago, Wizards asked for a little extra time to get their ducks in a row and we’re happy to oblige.

There will be a release of the MTR tonight, but it’s just the one with the boilerplate stuff like set legality and banlist changes (if there are any). There’ll be another one next week with actual policy changes, along with a new IPG.

It’s always a little frustrating to have to delay, but getting everything coordinated and right is what’s important. There’s some pretty cool stuff, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to MTR/IPG updates delayed to February 4

  1. Sean Stackhouse says:

    After the updated IPG is released, when will the changes take effect?

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