January 2011 Anniversaries

Hello and happy new year!

It’s time, once again, to celebrate the judges who have been with the program for 10 or 5 years. We have a fairly long list this time. However, it’s likely that most of the people on the 10 year list actually tested some time before January 2001 – some information was lost in a database change many years ago, and many people had their certification date set to 1.1.2001. With that in mind, I’d also like to congratulate all the judges who had their 10 year anniversaries before I started doing these posts. There are almost 300 of them, and they also deserve our thanks.

Here are the 10 year anniversaries:

Aaron Atwood, Alexandria, Louisiana, United States
Jason Bencik, Midlothian, Illinois, United States
Marcin Berlowski, Warsaw,        Poland
Orr Bildner, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Jensen Bohren, Cleveland, Mississippi, United States
Fon-Leang       Chew, Kuala Lumpur,     Malaysia
Rafael Dei Svaldi, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Namir Elias, Florianopolis, Brazil
Arthit   Eurkittiroj,    Bangkok,       Thailand
Davide Fenu, Torino, Torino, Italy
Christian Flaaten, Oslo, Norway
Christian Gawrilowicz, Wien, Austria
Nicolas Gonzalez Pena, Santiago, Chile
Nobuyoshi       Hayashi, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
Toru Hayashi, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Gabor Hegyi, Budapest, Hungary
David    Hibbs, League City, Texas, United States
Teruyuki Hiraishi, Hiroshima-shi,       Hiroshima-ken, Japan
Jason Howlett, Carshalton,      England, Great Britain
Hidetoshi Ito, Ama-gun, Aichi-ken, Japan
Yu Kanazawa, Nagoya-shi,        Aichi-ken,      Japan
Kazuya Kawashima, Funabashi-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan
Migel    Klimin, Ekaterinburg,   Russian Federation
Bone    Kwok, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Lubos Lauer, Praha, Czech Republic
Tommi Lindgren, Hombrechtikon,   Switzerland
Sandi Lovrencic,         Koper,  Slovenia
David    Low, Page, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Todd    Luken, Fridley, Minnesota, United States
Anton Lunau, Copenhagen V, Denmark
Mark    Lyons, Franklin,        North Carolina, United States
Eckhard Maass,   Muenchen, Bayern, Germany
Ivan Negrete, Burgos,    Spain
Jorge Antonio Penailillo Monckeberg, Santiago, Chile
Juan Eduardo, Quintana Silva, Santiago, Chile
Rick Ralsten, Chester, Virginia, United States
Marcel Scheibler, Therwil, Switzerland
Aras    Senyuz, Istanbul, Turkey
Rudolf Sukeandra, Surabaya, Indonesia
Shin’ichiro     Tachibana,       Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan
Hisaya Tanaka,  Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan
Marty Urick, Verona, Pennsylvania, United States
Fernando Urralburu, San Martin, Argentina
Hannu Vallin, Vantaa,    Finland
Edwin Van Eijk, Enschede,        Netherlands
Douwe van Noordenburg, Groningen, Netherlands
Francisco Fidel Vazquez, Barcelona, Spain
Eric    Verbraeken, Begijnendijk, Belgium
Johanna Virtanen, Espoo, Finland
Jiong    Xu, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Alejo   Zagalsky, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Teun    Zijp, Amsterdam , Netherlands
Diego Fasciolo, Novi Ligure, Alessandria, Italy
Cyrille Peuvion,        Les Ponts de Ce, Ouest, France
Julien Savu, Yerres, Paris, France
Andres Moro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here are the 5 year anniversaries:

Corey Fish, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Jan Ver Eecke, Torhout, Belgium
Guillaume Beuzelin, Ste marie des champs,        Nord, France
Zohar Finkel, Rehovot, Israel
Kevin    Jennings,      Wakefield,       Massachusetts, United States
Michael Lyons, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
Ralph McLaury,  Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Chadwick McKenzie,      Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
Kosti    Jokinen, Espoo, Finland

Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for your hard work!

Our featured veteran this month is Jorge Antonio Penailillo Monckeberg from Chile. Here is what Regional Coordinator Damian Hiller has to say about Jorge:

“Jorge has been for years a fixture on the Latin American community, extending his reach over the geographical limits of Chile and influencing many other communities in Latin America. His work in Chile is undeniable: he’s been the leader and driver of this fine community for years, organizing weekly meetings to discuss policy and game rules, growing the country’s judge population and intensely working on raising the standards of the community as a whole. There’s probably no judge at all in the whole country who does not owe Jorge some part of his/her judge career.

Judging is not the only thing Jorge has been doing in these years with the DCI: he’s been the OP Manager for Devir, company which distributes the game in many Latin American countries and, in this position, he’s gained a lot of insight not only about other communities, but as well has excelled as a great TO, running most of the premier events in Santiago, as well as other cities in the country, becoming a reference for many others on every TO matter.

His international appearences make him one of the most recognized judges from Latin America, with travels which include Asia, USA, and many countries in Latin America. Though at the very beginning he used to be a very shy person on the Tour, mostly due to some problems with his English, he’s worked a lot on it and, if you ever happen to meet him, you’ll probably get a laugh together with his always cheerful attitude. And we shouldn’t dismiss his great cooking abilities which, rumours say, earned him a free stay at the Judge House during PT San Juan!”

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