September 2011 Anniversaries

It’s judge anniversary time: let’s congratulate the judges who were certified in September 2001 and September 2006 on the good work they’ve done over the years.

10 years

Michael Labrousse,  Vivonne Ouest,  France
Andrew  Plinston, Auckland, New Zealand
Charles Reinman, Rochester, New York, United States
Miki Urban, San Diego, California, United States
Eric Heyne, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Tom Haddy, Avondale Heights, Victoria, Australia

5 years

Sebastien GRASS, Clermont Ferrand, Est, France
Ashlund Salway, Rapid City,  South Dakota, United States
Alejandro Quijada Bahamondes, Santiago, Chile
Jose Quinteros, Santiago, Chile
Romolo Disconzi, Canoas,  Brazil
Aleksandr Zubencev, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Kaja Federowicz, Krakow, Poland
Jose Ramon Soler Salazar,  Elche, Spain
Michael Khopryachkov, Ulan-Ude,  Russian Federation
Michael Milis,  Jodoigne, Belgium
James Hustad,  Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Scott  Mayer,  Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Jan Raaphorst, Uitgeest, Netherlands
Thomas Schneider,  Gueberschwihr, Est, France

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month’s featured judge is Thomas Schneider from France. Former Regional Coordinator Julien Winter writes:

“Thomas became certified because there was no judge in his town and kept on growing in the community ever since. His joy to judge led him to judge loads of events and to travel in a very short time after his certification (Worlds Paris, PT Geneva) but he had to judge a bit less because of his job; he worked in a hotel, and these kind of jobs tend to be a bit intensive during the week-ends where magic events are held.

Today Thomas is  mostly a tournament organizer and a scorekeeper, but he really helped the community by trying to involve as many people as possible in the program, discussing with senior judges the staffing of events, providing opportunities to any judge that wanted to advance in the program, and so on. He’s now working for WotC France, at the customer service, and his experience and involvement can now shine on all WPN stores. Never being shy of traveling to events and conferences on his own expenses, he accepted on a very short notice to come to the last French Conference to do a seminar on Wizards Event Reporter.”

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