May 2012 Anniversaries

Here are the judge anniversaries for May 2012.

10 years:

Eric Bocquet, Choisy la Victoire,  Nord,  France
Satoshi Miyamoto , Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan
Scott Paisley, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

5 years:

Daniel Dziuba,  Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Lasse Jensen,  Sandved, Denmark
Alexey Kostylev, Moscow, Russian Federation
Matthew Baker, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Maxwell Knowlan, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Tobias Fjellander, Sala, Sweden
Olle Liljefeldt, Linkoping,  Sweden
Umberto Martongelli,  Mulhouse, Est, France

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Let me guess. Someone stole your sweetroll?

This month’s featured judge is Tobias Fjellander from Sweden. Regional Coordinator Johanna Virtanen (hey, that’s me!) says:

“I first met Tobias at Swedish Nationals 2007, a few months after he had passed the L1 test at GP Stockholm. He was judging the last chance qualifiers and I was immediately impressed by this hard-working young judge. Many of the other judges working that weekend were veterans who were on their way out of the judging hobby, but Tobias was brand new and he clearly had the spark. Over the next few years Tobias helped build a new generation of Swedish judges and after he became L2 at Pro Tour Kyoto 2009, he was able to administer exams himself. It is thanks to his groundwork that the Swedish judge community is in such a good shape today.

Gaming conventions are an important part of the Swedish Magic scene, and Tobias is heavily involved in the organization of these events. He also serves on the board of the Swedish Magic Association (Svenskamagic), an organization that helps promote Magic in Sweden. Aside from Magic he enjoys board games and soccer refereeing. “He has a great sense of organization and structure, which adds to his skill and enjoyment in doing these things,” says fellow Swedish L2 Patrick Ericsson.

Tobias, congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished and I hope the next five years will be just as good!”

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One Response to May 2012 Anniversaries

  1. Carlos Ho says:

    So happy to see that all of the judges that certified at GP Stockholm 2007 are still around after 5 years! Thank you, guys! (Tack; Tak? :P)

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