November 2012 Anniversaries

Here are the judge anniversaries for November 2012.


10 years:

Salvatore La Terra, Catania, Italy
Grgur Petric Maretic,Croatia (Hrvatska)
Charles Schutt, Florida, United States
Stephen Wellington, California, United States
Kevin Desprez, France

5 years:

Roel Jans, Netherlands
Denis Schalck, Est, France
David Lyford-Smith,  England, Great Britain
Anders Thidemann, Denmark

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Our featured judge this month is Salvatore la Terra from Italy. Regional Coordinator Cristiana Dionisio writes:

The Rulemaster.

“Everybody remembers when Salvatore ‘Salvo’ tested for L2 by Riccardo Tessitori and Diego Fasciolo, his exam lasted 3 hours at night. He was a little shy L1 trying to convince 2 scary L3s that he could handle the DCI Reporter and he knew how to do ordered pairings 🙂
In these years Salvo grew up his experience as HJ in large PTQs, he kept himself informed and updated on procedures writing and reading reports and comparing himself and his area with the rest of L2s+, he traveled and participated international events to share and improve his experience and knowledge. Year by year Salvo earned a decisive role in the Italian community. He leads the local community in Sicily, he educated and improved judges in a remote but very important area with 150+ player PTQs. His rules knowledge is simply impressive, his ability to understand the meaning, the philosophy and the process of rules is beyond that of an expert L3.

L1 candidates ask to test with him because it would be a honor and a reason of pride. He prepared the Italian L3 candidates for the written test, he is the rule reference at events and outside events for all judges. We call him the “Rulemaster” . Salvo is also one of the leaders of the Rules by Example project and he aims at making rules accessible to all the people studying them, either for L1 or L2. The Italian community is proud to have Salvo among us and wishes to congratulate for his 10th anniversary as judge!”


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