April 2013 Anniversaries

Here are the April 2013 judge anniversaries.

15 years

Mark Brown, Victoria, Australia
Kevin Dolbeare, Alabama, United States
Dominick Riesland, Wisconsin, United States
Jeff Zandi, Texas, United States

10 years

Mark Hammond, Great Britain
Michael Suire, Kentucky, United States

5 years

Pavlos Akritas, Belgium
Alexis Rassel, France
Mathieu Andre, France
Roberto Castro-Mahoney, Massachusetts, United States

Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month’s featured judge is Mark Brown, L3 from Australia (and/or England). He became a judge 15 years ago! L4 judge James Mackay had this to say about Mark:

Also known as Mnark.

Also known as Mnark.

“Mark was the very first Magic Judge I ever met, and to this day he is the image I call to mind when asked about the quintessential Judge. He was always enthused by the rules, always up for a chat and always brimming with good advice. The Australian Judge community would not be where it without Mark, and I certainly wouldn’t be either – Mark certified me for L1! But more than that, he lit a fire of passion for the rules in many, and deservedly stands as a leader of our community to this day – a testament to his own passion, and ability to both work with the Program and have the Program work for him. Thanks Mark!!

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