August 2013 Anniversaries

Here are the judge anniversaries for August 2013!

10 years

Nicola DiPasquale, Pennsylvania, United States
Brian Schenck, Maryland, United States
Thomas Weber, Saarland, Germany

5 years

Vincent CLIGNIEZ, France
Abel Jose Maria Flores Najera, Guatemala, Guatemala
Marco Soranno,Napoli, Italy
John Andreotti, Illinois, United States
Simon Hall,  South Australia, Australia
Ilies BEKKAR, France
Hannes Reichinger, Austria
Andreas Quvang Jepsen, Denmark
Travis Miyashiro, Connecticut, United States
Eloy Lillo Berga, Spain
Paul Crosby, Great Britain
Denis Filaretov, Estonia

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!

This month there is one L3 anniversary: Level 5 judge Riccardo Tessitori.  We had Regional Coordinator for Italy, Cristiana Dionisio, write a quick summary of Riccardo’s impact on the program.



“Riccardo has always been THE judge in Italy.  Players, TOs and judges love him.  He represents the pillar, the security, the knowledge and the wisdom.  He created the first Italian judge mailing list and the judge website IMJ.  He has always being available, by phone or email, helping and supporting when needed.  He mentored most of the judges, he certified dozens of us.  He attended hundreds of events and is still very active at PTQs.  His presence in the Italian community has always been constant. During an event, his natural ability to make people feel comfortable makes the tournament easy and successful. Riccardo also has the great ability of fixing difficult situations quickly with efficiency and tranquility. When Riccardo is HJ, judges feel proud to be part of a big project. He is able to motivate people to perform at their best. His knowledge of rules and policy is excellent.  He can easily give a clear explanation for whatever ruling. Talking with the other judges, Italian and foreign, you can discover that people trust Riccardo and he is esteemed especially because he gives a feeling of “worldwide community”.  His presence in our community and in the judge program feels needed.”


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