September 2013 Anniversaries

Here are the anniversaries for September 2013!


15 years

Jaap Brouwer, Netherlands
Simon Cooper, New Jersey, United States
Matthew Fisher, Great Britain
Geof Fletcher, Victoria, Australia
Sylvain Lauriol, France
Iain MacDonald, Great Britain
Arnaud Perrouin, France
Neil Rigby, England, Great Britain
Philip Rogers, Great Britain
David Sisson, Great Britain
Graham Theobalds, England, Great Britain

10 years

Lik Hang Yu, Hong Kong
Jeremy Levieux, France
Danilo Raineri, Savona, Italy
Andrew Thompson, Michigan, United States

5 years

David de la Iglesia, Spain
Anders Schack-Nielsen, Denmark
Claudia Goertzen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Patrick Ericsson, Sweden
Juan Pablo Volpintesta, Argentina
Kyle Donovan, California, United States
Eskil Myrenberg, Sweden
Mamoru Miura, Miyagi-ken, Japan
Dominik Olak, Poland
Julio Vazquez, Spain
Francois Grossi, France


Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!

Our featured judges this month are Andrew Thompson from Michigan, United States, and Arnaud Perrouin from France.

Regional Coordinator Steven Briggs had this to say about Andrew:


Thanks, Briggs. Now, can we talk about your glasses…?

“While we can often focus in the Judge program on level advancement, Andrew Thompson has exemplified over his last ten years in the program the outstanding value of what a consistent L2 can do to help develop the Judge Program. Andy was one of the first judges I made contact with as I started judging, and he brought to the table a fun personality with a genuine enthusiasm for organized play, the judge program, and the game. I am happy to say that this, if anything, has grown in the last four years that I have known him. Andy has been a strong mentor in an area of Michigan that is not graced with lots of PTQ’s and large tournaments. What it does have though are lots of casual players, and Andy has mentored many terrific judges in his time with the program that are great at not only providing accurate rulings, but are also strong at encouraging and developing local play areas and more judges with that genuine heart for the game and for helping others.

Andy has been an amazing friend, a terrific competitive judge at larger events, and a rock for feedback and development of Michigan judging. Congratulations Andy on an amazing decade in the program!”

This is what Regional Coordinator Alexis Rassel said about Arnaud:


Relax, Andrew…the glasses are fine!

“Wow ! 15 years !

Arnaud Perrouin is the oldest certified lvl2 French Magic judge still in activity. If you’ve ever been to a French National Championship or a PTQ in the West of the country, it’s impossible that you never met Arnaud. We can say that Magic is a family business for Arnaud. His wife is a T.O. and their two sons like to play. Their youngest daughter doesn’t play… yet! During many years, Arnaud and his wife were almost the only judge and T.O. in their area. Today, the West of France is one of the most active regions in France with many judges and tournaments.
Congratulations Arnaud !”

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