January 2014 anniversaries


Happy New Year! Here are the January 2014 anniversaries.

15 years

Inti Acevedo, Venezuela
Michael Diezel, Sachsen, Germany
John Lee, British Columbia, Canada
Stephane Manaranche, Ouest, France
Ken Nichols, Washington, United States
Steven Zwanger, New Jersey, United States
James Hooker, Ohio, United States

10 years

Darrell McDowell, Northern Ireland
Erik Chan, Alberta, Canada
Cameron Herzog, Oregon, United States
Eric Jones, Texas, United States
Raphael Lo Ying Seng, Paris, France
Marc Sieber, Bayern, Germany

5 years

Stephanie Bressin, Berlin, Germany
Christian Mueller, Bayern, Germany
Mitsuru Honda, Ehime-ken, Japan
Daniel Rezendes, Arizona, United States
Damien Beaumont, Mississippi, United States
Robert Lee, Georgia, United States
Arick Dickerman, Costa Rica
David Zimet, California, United States
Jonas Zimmermann, Bayern, Germany

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month we have one Level 3 anniversary. Savvas Themistocleus of South Africa passed his L3 exam at Pro Tour Amsterdam in 2004. Fellow South African judge Adam Liebman had this to say about Savvas:

savvas“Savvas is a stalwart of both the South African Judge program and the South African MTG community as a whole. I met Savvas when I first became involved with the Judge program and I was immediately impressed by his presence and his calm demeanour. He truly has a capacity to inspire confidence in his fellow Judges and in the players with whom he interacts. Thanks to his unfailing hard work and commitment, the South African Judge community has persevered through some difficult times and is now growing from strength to strength.

I’ve been fortunate to benefit from his mentorship and experience, and he has proven to be a great source of support for me in my own advancement as a Judge. One of the aspects that really stands out about Savvas is the pride he takes in being involved in the Judge program, and the way he looks after his Judges – he’s always there to back them up and ensure that they’re treated fairly. This is one of the characteristics that has made Savvas the well-respected pillar of the community that he is. It’s been an honour and a privilege for me to work with Savvas and I’m certain that he will continue to be a cornerstone of the SA Judge program in years to come.”

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2 Responses to January 2014 anniversaries

  1. Deric says:

    Congrats Sav, well done!

  2. Laura says:

    Felicidades a todos en especial a Inti Acevedo de Venezuela! (Falta tu foto!!)

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