May 2014 Anniversaries

Here are the May 2014 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Saul Arreola, Mexico
Craig Jones, Arkansas, United States

10 years

Hon Ying Lau, Hong Kong
Traci Seaton, New Zealand
Mirko Console, Bologna, Italy
Rob Stuart, Massachusetts, United States
Aaron Hamer, Hawaii, United States
Ming Wang, Beijing, China
Yanzhi Wang, Beijing, China
hua Yang, Shanghai, China
Viacheslav Machula, Russian Federation
Denis Mikheev, Russian Federation
Peter Cooper, Massachusetts, United States
David Feinstein, Rhode Island, United States
Dan Adam Sy, New Zealand
Edward Zinger, Greece

5 years

Michael Chamberlain, England, Great Britain
Amelia Browning, Massachusetts, United States
Brian Coval, Pennsylvania, United States
Rajesh Ganesan, Malaysia
Adrian St. John, Massachusetts, United States
Jason Wong, Ontario, Canada
Michael Fortino, Florida, United States
Akim Gubanov, Russian Federation
Joshua Marin, Minnesota, United States
Sandro Campigotto, Udine, Italy
Giulio Trapani, Trieste, Italy
Stephen Carpenter, New York, United States
Neil Pendon, Guam, United States
Dave Unni, New Jersey, United States
Aaron Candib, Colorado, United States
Jason McFarland, North Carolina, United States
Sam Straus, Virginia, United States

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month’s featured judge is Jason Wong from Ontario, Canada. Regional coordinator Gavin Duggan said this about Jason:

“Jason has been a key player, arguably an MVP, within the Canadian judge community these past few years. He helped to break the L3 drought within the country, proving himself an adept leader at events and then in his local area.

I had the opportunity to observe Jason in action early on, as the L2 HJ of a PTQ several years ago, and was impressed by his calm demeanor and control of the event. In the months after that he took the initiative to travel abroad and learn, bringing knowledge back to Canada to share with other judges. Combined with his willingness to take on responsibilities, resolve conflicts peacefully, and the broad respect of his peers, this made him a natural candidate for the local captain in an area which needed clear leadership. He now acts as the judge manager for eastern GPs and mentor to an extended family of judges… fortunately his patience and dry humour haven’t run out yet.”

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