July 2015 Anniversaries

Here are the July 2015 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Daniel Malebran from Santiago, Chile

10 years

Lee Wood from Tiptree, England
Declan Doherty from Belfast, Northern Ireland
John Malanaphy from Belfast, Northern Ireland

5 years

Jon Brichoux from Seattle, United States
Adam Friedman from Buffalo Grove, United States
Raymond Wat from London, England
Jess Dunks from San Jose, United States
Michael Kerby from Roanoke, United States
Li Ji from Shanghai, China
Simon Johnston from Newport, Isle of Wight, England
Mark Apker from Provo, United States
Jerret Schultz from Green Bay, United States
Javier Alvarez from Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain
Rob Castellon from Kittery, United States
Alaric Stein from Sebastopol, United States
Christian Busquiel from Parla (Madrid) SPAIN, Spain
George Gavrilita from Le Havre, France

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Our featured judge this months is Jess Dunks, a man of many regions! US Southeast RC Justin Turner had this to say about Jess:

Alpha wolf

Alpha wolf

“Jess moved into our region a few months ago and we were a little leery of the alpha wolf of Channel Fireball coming in, we didn’t know what to expect! Much to our happy surprise, he became immediately involved in making the surrounding judges better and running solid events with TOs in Alabama. There’s a considerable culture difference between California and Alabama and Jess handled it with smashing aplomb. He became active in our leader chats and active in mentoring the senior L2s in the state. Having an L3 in Alabama, even if for a short while, allowed us to schedule a judge conference in that area of the region to get out to the remote judges. Jess jumped at the opportunity to run it and I am very grateful for the time he was in our region. When he leaves for good, he will have left a lasting mark and raised bar for success and achievement; I couldn’t have asked for or expected the amount of production Jess was able to perform in his time in the region. He has a keen awareness of how to deal with TOs, how to run a solid event and how to train others to do the same. He has a charismatic and intelligent personality and he is well liked by TOs, players and judges alike in what is usually a relatively closed community. From the Southeast Region, I’d like to extend a hearty thank you to Jess for all of his efforts!

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