September 2016 Anniversaries

Here are the September 2016 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Vincent Hesnard from Lyon, France
Michael Parsons from Washington Terrace, United States
Thomas Pannell from Camarillo, United States
Miki Urban from San Diego, United States
Sean Wagner from Grand Junction, United States
Eric Heyne from Fairbanks, United States

10 years

Sebastien Grass from Clermont Ferrand, France
Ashlund Salway from Rapid City, United States
Alejandro Quijada Bahamondes from Santiago, Chile
Jose Quinteros from Santiago, Chile
Kaja Pekala from Krakow, Poland
Jose Ramon Soler Salazar from elche, Spain
James Hustad from madison, United States
Thomas Schneider from , France

5 years

Juan Rafael Acosta Portilla from Xalapa, Mexico
Alex Alarcao from Johannesburg, South Africa
Simon Annecchini from Rosario, Argentina
Matteo Berton from Dosson, Italy
Blaine Campbell from Amherst, United States
Damiano Cavallo from San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Italy
Randy Christoffersen from Crescent City, United States
Caleb Hardekopf from Little Falls, United States
Alfonso Hernandez from Zapopan, Mexico
Duncan Hewes from Pittsburgh, United States
Hector Julian from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phil Kalter from Hengelo, Netherlands
Keiichi Kawazoe from Katsushika-ku, Japan
Diego Kiedanski from Montevideo, Uruguay
William Kirkwood from Stockbridge, United States
Aaron LaCluyze from East Lansing, United States
Chris Lansdell from Mount Pearl, Canada
Lixin Li from Tianjin, China
Ademar Martin from Mingorria (avila), Spain
Fabio Mazzi from Maranello, Italy
Philip Pena from Calamba City, Philippines
James Roberts from South charleston, United States
Hai Wei Shen from H?nefoss, Norway
Shunsuke Shibafuji from Kochi-shi, Japan
Ross Silcock from Manchester, England
Mauro Rodrigo Thibes from Cascavel, Brazil
Felipe Uribe from Santiago, Chile
Mark Wanich from Cleveland, United States
Mark Winckle from Liverpool, England
Dominic Yu Ping Kun from Quezon City, Philippines
Kelly Ackerman from Toronto, Canada
Ryoichi Aritaka from Shikokutyuou-shi, Japan
Juan Fernando Azua Rivera from Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Patrick Gatt from B’Kara, Malta
Zack Levine from Palo Alto, United States
Ming Luo from Changsha, China
Keigo Osumi from Setagaya-ku, Japan
Andrew Zimmermann from brea, United States
Maria Zuyeva from Melbourne, United States
Daniel Camburn from Birmingham, United States
way chan from kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
Cheo chiun-chine from Tainan, Taiwan, Province of China
Michael Grothe from Santa Monica, United States
Noriyuki Hagiwara from Chiba-shi, Japan
Jinpei Hassaku from Kyoto-shi, Japan
Robert Hinrichsen from Beaconsfield, Canada
Roger Holness from Bellville, South Africa
Takashi Noguchi from Okazaki-shi, Japan
Leon Quigley from Isle of Wight, England
Martin Sergio from Puerto de Burriana, Spain
Yi Shen from Wuxi, China
Nick Stein from San Diego, United States
Kevin Trombley from San Diego, United States
Travis Underwood from Jackson, United States
John Wasson from Oshawa, Canada
Jarrod Williams from South Bloomfield, United States
JiaLin Wu from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
Maxime Chausson from Mont Saint Aignan, France
Jon Acton from Durham, United States
Nick Bresser from Klaaswaal, Netherlands
Nicolas Campiglia from Nantes, France
Justis Disney from CONWAY, United States
amand dosimont from gosselies (Belgium), Belgium
Jerome Fischer from Renens, Switzerland
Daniel Fox from Little Falls, United States
Samuel Hanna from Rock Hill, United States
Frankie Hughes from Salem, United States
Ivan Jaque from Santiago, Chile
Timothy Lim from Surrey, England

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month, we have so many L3 anniversaries that you have to visit this page to see all 6 of them! You can see that post here. For the regularly scheduled anniversaries, we are featuring 3 judges this month: Kaja Pękala, Aaron LaCluyze and Maria Zuyeva.

Small but strong

Small but strong

First, we have Kaja Pękala. Fellow Polish judge Adam Cetnerowski had this to say about her:

“Upon meeting Kaja, my first instinct was to ask “Are you lost, child?”. I was quickly briefed by Marcel (Poland’s OP Manager) that she single-handedly started to bring order to the tournament scene in Southern Poland, which at that time was a cesspool putting Mos Eisely to shame. This really impressed me and I have never stopped being impressed by Kaja.

That she challenges herself should be apparent to anyone looking at her judging career – starting out in an empty region and quickly climbing through the levels. That she challenges (constructively) others is something you learn when working with her – at a tournament or on a project. Kaja is well-known for her extensive reviews and the ever-growing list of languages she speaks. But personally, I know her as a dear friend.

Happy anniversary – judge long and prosper!”

And now from her husband and RC, Sebastian Pękala:

“Kaja has always been a great mentor and role model for other judges. From the very start, when she was a Level 1 judge, she paid a lot of attention to candidates and other L1 judges, helping them grow. Then, after testing for L2 she inspired a group of new L2s in Poland (myself included), and never stopped working on herself and others. Later on she developed unique skills for providing very detailed feedback, with lots of observations she’s able to gather at events and put into writing, to form some of the best reviews I’ve seen in the judge program. In recent years, as Level 3, she got involved in testing new L3s – by participating in PEI process, and working with aspiring judges, helping them prepare for their exam and develop necessary skills and knowledge.

I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work and develop my skills with her, and I’m proud and honoured to be calling her my beloved wife. I hope she will never change in striving to become better judge, friend, and person in general – and that’s something we could all learn from her.

Happy anniversary!”

The doctor will see you now

The doctor will see you now

Next, RC Jarrod Williams talks about Aaron LaCluyze:

Aaron LaCluyze, known to many as Cluze or Dr Science, is one of the most passionate members of the Judge community. In his time in the program, he has established himself as a solid tournament judge that works with great enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism. While making his home in Michigan and working in North Carolina, Aaron continued to judge events in both areas ensuring that both areas benefited from his work. He is one of the most visible judges in the player community through his podcast Random Discard and his Guest Co-Host Role on Monday Night Magic. His skills in the podcast arena have also benefited judge community through his creation of an audiobook version of the IPG.

Russia’s ambassador to the world

Russia’s ambassador to the world

Last (but certainly not least), we’re featuring Maria Zuyeva. One of her many ex-RCs, David Lyford-Smith, wanted to say this:

“Maria briefly joined my region on her seemingly never-ending tour of the world. While she was here she brought energy, positivity, and fun to the area, and was impressively keen to get involved and learn the UKISA community better. We always knew she’d be moving on again eventually, but we all miss her and her contributions to the region. Maria is a great asset to whatever area she is in, and a credit to the judge program.”

Her current RC, Eugene Bazhenov, also had these words:

“I’ve recently herd the following about Maria from a judge that I respect a lot: “Was she really a new L2 that recently? Wow!”

Indeed, Maria has progressed in the judge program very quickly, always leaving a bunch of excited “wows” after herself. The first time I’ve heard of her was a promise from Jared Sylva: “Hey, Eugene, we’ve just certified you a new L1 at the Pro Tour. You know, you’re definitely going to hear a lot more about her”. And so I did.

In these five years she’s been travelling a whole lot and managed to reside in different regions though she never lost her connection to the Russian –speaking judge community.

Maria is a Voice of Reason, a valued partner and opponent in policy discussions and a great friend to many of us here including myself. 🙂

Happy judge anniversary!”

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

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