June 2017 Anniversaries

Here are the June 2017 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Dave Gale from Cheddar, United Kingdom
Lian Pizzey from Derby, United Kingdom
David Pope from Johannesburg, South Africa
Dan Smith from Nottingham, United Kingdom
Francesco Spognardi from Isernia, Italy
Gareth Tanner from Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Nicholas Taylor from Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Lloyd Dodson from Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Kenji Suzuki from Chiba, Ichikawa-shi, Japan
Kaname Kamishima from Toyama, Toyama-shi, Japan

10 years

Alexander Syomkin from Moscow, Russia
Brian Hellevang from West Fargo, North Dakota, United States
Junichi Yabuta from Tokyo, Japan
Chris Nguyen from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Toshiki Ogihara from Sinjuku-Ku, Japan
Luke Powell from New Braunfels, Texas, United States

5 years

Andre Diamant from Montreal, Canada
Ivan Saenz from Guadalajara, Mexico
Luis Guadarrama from Guadalajara, Mexico
Susan Waldbiesser from Brownstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Nita Flaskerud from Rochester, Minnesota, United States
Dennis Pedersen from Akarp, Sweden
Pavel Krasheninnikov from Moscow, Russia
Dylan Burrows from Eustis, Florida, United States
Shin’ichi Katagiri from Shizuoka, Japan
Nicolas Baptiste from Valence, France
Nazzer Nicerio from Hasuda-shi, Japan
Marcie Eaddy from Florence, South Carolina, United States
Elliot Raff from Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Tommy Liu from Toronto, Canada
Derek Vandiver from Sautee, Georgia, United States
Brian Cooper from Perryville, United States
Seth Black from Toronto, Canada
Ioannis Economides from Nicosia, Cyprus
Kobi McLeod from Brisbane, Australia
Roman Chekhonin from Novosibirsk, Russia
Tomislav Trnski from Bjelovar, Croatia
Sean Stackhouse from Pittsfield, Maine, United States
Erik Robertson from Tucson, Arizona, United States
Brandon Qing from Little Elm, Texas, United States
Katie Temple from St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Mattia Rebecchi from Pavia, Italy
Diego Roca Suarez from Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Dane Looman from Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
Phillip Konkle from Oxford, Ohio, United States
Hyun-myung Park from Seoul, South Korea
James Risner from Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Oscar Amado from Guatemala , Guatemala
Louis Kaplan from Iowa City, Iowa, United States
Ricardo Vicente from Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain
Alessandra Mottini from Lissone, Italy
Victor Gutierrez from Malaga, Spain
Jose Moreira from Trofa, Portugal
Davide Forti from Milano, Italy
Timmy Tossavainen from Malmo, Sweden
Marcello Klingelfus from Sao Jose, Brazil
Petit Arnaud from Douai, France
Wind Pang from Singapore, Singapore
Sigurour Andresson from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Matthew Karr from Cookeville, Tennessee, United States
Josh Oratz from Bellevue, Washington, United States
David Park from Chino Hills, California, United States
Saverio Adamo from Prato, Italy
Daniel Brandt from Bielefeld, Germany
Max Ackerman from Plantation, Florida, United States
Sergey Jmaylov from Kaliningrad, Russia
Eric Drotzer from Pembroke Pines, United States
Hampus Bergqvist from Malmo, Sweden
Brian Henrichs from Oregon City, United States
Alessandro Ingargiola from Cagliari, Italy
Patricio Ponce from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Bolivia
Yu Win Yew from Penang, Malaysia
Christopher Thompson from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States
Rick Lee Hup Beng from Penang, Malaysia
Jeremy Rich from Northport, Alabama, United States
Nathan Horne from Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
Casey Sutliff from Miami, Florida, United States
Adam Cai from Northport, United States
Yue Ming from Beijing, China
Robert Towers from Marquette, Michigan, United States
Junsuke Miyamoto from Yokohama-shi, Japan
Chikara Aoki from Kokubunji-shi, Japan
Leonardo Morena Labruna from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Martin Varga from Košice, Slovakia
Daniel Bleck from Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Guido Quintana from Castelar, Argentina
Quang Vu from Wyoming, Michigan, United States
Kazuhiko Saito from Fukushima, Iwaki-shi, Japan
Bruno Gomes da Fonseca from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Darlam Da Costa from Teresina, Brazil
Frantisek Kascak from Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia
Randy Sheffield from London, Canada
Casey Chong from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Emmanuel Leal from Reynosa, Mexico
Jorge Rodriguez de leon from San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico
Alessandro Riva from Veniano, Italy
Vincent Chin from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Pablo Sandoval from Santiago, Chile
Christopher Vizzone from Keaau, Hawaii, United States
Sarah Lockwood from Calgary, Canada
Kiennan Materne from Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Kush Singhal from Lake Grove, New York, United States

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Retired but not retired

Retired but not retired

This month, we have a total of 4 anniversaries to celebrate: Kenji Suzuki, Emmanuel Leal, Gareth Tanner, and Shawn Doherty! First off, we have Kenji’s RC, Mitsunori, who has a few things to say about Kenji’s 15 year anniversary:

“It was 2008 I met Kenji first time when he came back to Japan from Canada and started judging again. Many judges were pleased with Kenji’s return. He is actually elder judge. We are on his 15th anniversary for certification but we know he helped GP Tokyo 1999. But at that point 2008 I did not know anything about him. Now he is one of best the judge I really want you to know about him.

Kenji has a lot of success story, HJed GP Hiroshima, our RC … but such topics that you can find easily are not featured today. Father. I believe he is a role model of active retiree-L3. I respect his judge-work-life balance.

Kenji decided to step down to L2 when his second baby became about 9 month old. His announcement was humble and polite but we could find an important thing in it. Always he was able to rebalance and keep himself being judge when life changes. He found the way of judge with one baby. He found another way of judge with two baby. *note: I am sorry but he is a little stereotype-busy-Japanese. He has great job, literally our future rely on it.

Normally, it is a pleasure to bless but lonesome when my friends stop judging because they got better job, married, baby, second baby or various event happened on their life. But I felt honestly ,at Kenji’s farewell speech in GP Chiba, expectation to next season. Kenji put a period to L3 and play new role.

Today, he join XP team and dedicate broadcasting fellow judges’ exemplary actions. And sometimes he give us valuable forum post. One more thing, he judge at store as much as he is comfortable.”

Our favorite truta

Our favorite truta

Next, Carlos talks about a judge in his region celebrating 5 years in the program:

“Emmanuel is one of the few L2s in the northern reaches of Mexico and has been actively involved in mentoring, certifying and helping other judges grow in his country. Fellow judges Erick López Basulto and Alejandro Reynoso, who were tested by him, mentioned that he has always been a great teacher, someone who has opened their eyes to new ideas and has encouraged them to take a step forward as judges. Noé Alfredo Álvarez also remembers how invested Emmanuel has been in improving the community in the northern states of Mexico, helping out at multiple events throughout those states and certifying a new generation of judges who are now key members of the Mexican judge community. Omar González commented that one of Emmanuel’s greatest strengths is his project work, which has shown other judges in Mexico that there are infinite ways to participate in the judge program and help it grow. Finally, both Álvaro Ibáñez and Pedro Márquez wanted to let Emmanuel know that they admire his leadership within the Mexican community, which wouldn’t be the same without his participation in it.

Thanks for these last 5 years, Emmanuel!”

An historic judge!

An historic judge!

Rounding out the last of the normal anniversaries is Gareth Tanner, who is celebrating 15 years! Jack has a few words regarding his contributions:

“Gareth Tanner was a long-respected name in the UK community when I entered it. His tireless work on forums and mailing lists brought education and policy updates to many judges, myself included. I have strong memories of an intermittent quiz and question project that Gareth spearheaded in the UK community, keeping judges engaged and thinking about rules and policy. Although family commitments have reduced Gareth’s event density, he still co-manages a Level 2 Study Group that a significant number of recent Level 2 judges in the region have praised for help along the way. Gareth is always thinking about similar ideas, trying to find a way to contribute in any way that he can, to build infrastructure and systems where he sees them lacking. Fifteen years is a long time commitment from anyone, and I know that Gareth has contributed significantly to my own knowledge, as well as that of many, many other judges. Gareth, it was a pleasure to see you back on the floor recently at a large UK event, and I hope to see more of you – and your work – in the near future.”

Sometimes we take him seriously

Sometimes we take him seriously

Finally, we have one L3 anniversary this month: the Anniversary project’s very own Shawn Doherty! His RC, John, wrote something for this 15 year L3 celebration:

“Shawn Doherty has been a Level 3 judge for 15 years.

Wow. While I am nowhere near the gifted storyteller that Shawn is (few are – his knowledge of the history of the program and his sense of humor combine to make for some wonderful narrations), I do want to take a little space to commemorate this anniversary. But where to start?

I could start with the fact that he spent almost a third of that period (about 5 years) as the Regional Coordinator for the Northeast US. His home state of Delaware was tacked on to the region so that he could “temporarily” take the blue shirt. He was no stranger to community work, having previously grown the Chicago community while living there. As his successor, I can attest that the Northeast has definitely benefited from his guidance through these years.

Similarly, I could highlight his excellence at tournaments. Shawn is a member of a small group of judges who has been on staff for over 100 premier events (Grand Prix, Pro Tours, etc.) with a long history of local events as well. It is my opinion that his understanding of events, what needs to happen and what can go wrong is strong enough that he pulls off the impressive feat of making whatever task he’s assigned to look easy (I mentioned earlier that he has a reputation as a storyteller – I’ve seen lesser judges steer into trouble emulating his style without realizing just how much is happening in the background).

Wherever you look, it’s clear that we, our events, and our community have greatly benefited from Shawn’s contributions. Congratulations on 15 years at Level 3, Shawn, and thank you.”

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

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