October 2017 Anniversaries

Here are the October 2017 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Monsuporn Lauhaphand from Bangkok, Thailand
Hector Fuentes from Mexico, Mexico
Arthur Edson from Kentwood, United States

10 years

Matt Danner from Seattle, Washington, United States
Atipong Pathanasethpong from Khon Kaen, Thailand
Andrew Plinston from Auckland, New Zealand
John Tong from Sunnybank, Brisbane, Australia
Enrique Manuel Guzmán Mosqueda from Mexico DF, Mexico
Jorge Sirvent Orts from Alicante, Spain
Konstantin Schukraft from Ludwigsburg, Germany
Tsutomu Date from Aichi-ken Kariya-shi, Japan
Josh Barkon from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Masaya Honda from Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-shi, Japan
Justin Hovdenes from Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
Sergio Perez from Alcorcón, Spain
sebastien bernaud from saint etienne, France
Stéphane Thirard from Morestel, France
Eduardo Sajgalik from Plymouth, United Kingdom
Ivan Morel from Courbevoie, France
Nicolas Poyet from Saint Etienne, France

5 years

Anthony Morris from Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
Ariel Sandoval from Santiago, Chile
Tyson Henning from San Francisco, California, United States
José Miguel Caldera Amundarain from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
Mason Andjelkovic from Lara, Australia
Sam Smit from Houghton, Michigan, United States
Rafeal Jenkins from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Roudi Bachar from Halifax, Canada
George Roehr from Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States
Matthew Bernard from Halifax, Canada
Mark Manning from Sydney, Canada
Michael Fan from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Hitoshi Iizuka from Himeji-shi, Japan
Junhao Pan from shanghai, China
Veljo Hagu from Tartu, Estonia
Harunobu Takeda from Chiba, Japan
Jacob Boschee from Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
Leonard Dominguez from Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Christian Mejia from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
Wu Jingting from Nanjing, China
Yin Xin from Nanjing, China
Michael Barclay from Brisbane, Australia
Seth Veit from Bemidji, Minnesota, United States
Damien Miller from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Richard Wilkins from Leland, North Carolina, United States
Christopher Meyer from Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States
David Miguel Garcia Lopez from Plasencia, Spain
Kimball Polanik from Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Robin Nielsen from Henån, Sweden
Elizabeth Hare from Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Marek Augustin from Přerov, Czech Republic
Ciro Brizzio from Mar del Plata, Argentina
Josh Shishilla from Melbourne, Florida, United States
Filipe Guimaraes from Trofa, Portugal
Marco Lazzazzara from Roma, Italy
Thomas Sowders from Coppell, Texas, United States
Jarvis Roach from Cedar Springs, Michigan, United States
David Mantel from Temple, Georgia, United States
Lawrence Matthews from London, United Kingdom
Mohammad Nazri Ishak from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tomas Klimes from Prague, Czech Republic
Jan van der Ham from Delft, Netherlands
Egor Kuznetsov from Astrakhan, Russia
Sergey Izherskij from Astrakhan, Russia
Erik Vande Vooren from Kentwood, Michigan, United States
David Meetze from Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Harry Frank from Greenville, United States
David De Loach from Denton, Texas, United States
Jacopo Borrelli from Lugo, Italy
Lin Meise from Bradenton, Florida, United States
Anthony Haviaras from North Port, Florida, United States
Cody Coffelt from Nampa, Idaho, United States
Kellen Neal from Snellville, Georgia, United States
Cory Leeman from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Jonathan Rackowski from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Caitlin Nestick from Plano, Texas, United States
John Hessler from Plano, Texas, United States
Richard Bednarik from Ostrava-Vítkovice, Czech Republic
Jiri Kubos from Ostrava, Czech Republic
Daniel Restrepo from Medellin, Colombia
Manuel Inacio from Merced, California, United States
Dominik Lewis from Ludwigshafen, Germany
Steffen Jäger from Wald-Michelbach, Germany
Brian Miller from Burtonsville, Maryland, United States
Davide Rinnen from Piacenza, Italy
Andrew Turpin from Sparta, Wisconsin, United States
Kevin Hundt from La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States
Taro Ito from Kofu/Yamanashi, Japan
Hao Du from Beijing, China
Matthew Balcom from New Minas, Canada
Patrick Frentzen from Tönisvorst, Germany
Jacob H. Haven from Stanford, California, United States
Jonathan Connolly from Fremont, California, United States
Thomas Cao from Mountain View, United States
Ward Poulisse from Gouda, Netherlands
Jun Akahane from Nagano, Japan
Zhu Bin from Beijing, China
Noah Stromberg from Columbus, Ohio, United States
David Van Dusen from chesapeake, Virginia, United States
Christopher Morger from LARAMIE, Wyoming, United States
Kyle Hislop from dorval, Canada
Mickey Walkup from Madera, California, United States
Jake Kindsvogel from Gaines Township, Michigan, United States
Albert Wooten from providence, Rhode Island, United States
Louis Rowe from Stantonsburg, North Carolina, United States
Michael Potente from Wilson, North Carolina, United States
Brandon Schmidt from Grants Pass, Oregon, United States
David Scopac from Brighton, Massachusetts, United States
Goyet Quentin from Lyon, France
Steve Giannopoulos from montreal, Canada
Joe Rittiner from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Jonas Breindahl from Copenhagen, Denmark
Gonzalo Alonso from Zaragoza, Spain
Natalia Ruiz Estepa from Sevilla, Spain
Fernando Valverde from Sevilla, Spain
Kenichiro Arai from Tokyo, Adachi-ku, Japan
Kyle Taggart from Burnaby, Canada
Piovan Jerome from Paris, France
Dmitry Pyatov from Vladivostok, Russia
Vasiliy Saenko from Vladivostok, Russia
Adam Hubble from Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States
Steven Wood from Panorama City, California, United States
Ian Smith from Pocatello, Idaho, United States
Matthew Bevenour from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States
Alex Valencourt from San Diego, California, United States
Daniel wegner from temecula, California, United States
Abeed Bendall from Calgary, Canada
David Delgado from San Francisco, California, United States
Germán Más from San Juan, Argentina
Jeff Sirkis from Tallahassee , Florida, United States
Mihail Turetskiy from Moscow, Russia
Mary Angel Davila from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Johnnys Torres from Valencia, Venezuela

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Happy to go to Dairy Queen?

Happy to go to Dairy Queen?

This month we have 2 judges being featured, both for their 10 year anniversaries! Justin Hovdenes and Enrique Manuel Guzmán Mosqueda both have been with the program for a decade. First we have Justin, who had 2 RCs step up to the plate, wanting to express their appreciation:

Scott Marshall:

So, the background story on how Justin became a judge…

Years ago – not sure exactly when, but definitely before Shards block – he played in a Denver PTQ. In one round, he was one of the last matches playing, and during the post-game discussion with his opponent, he said something like “yeah, my only hope was to stall you out”. Obviously, he and I had a chat about his poor choice of words! He wasn’t actually Stalling, it’s just that the strategy of his deck in that matchup was to prolong the games as much as possible, and he didn’t know the significance of that word.

Later, his was the last match, and at the end of turn 5 – with at least 3 judges watching – he said to his opponent “well, we can just roll for the win?” and picked up a die. This time, my chat with him led to him writing a statement, after being DQ’d. He put a lot of effort into writing that statement, and afterwards asked me a number of questions about becoming a judge. I pointed him to various resources, limited though they were at that time, and didn’t expect to hear much more after that.

Some time later, he asked to come be an L0 at another event, and take his test. I happily accepted – esp. knowing how isolated his community was, and what they’d gain if he certified – and we scheduled it. Justin did a fine job at the event, and then took his test. He had prepared, perhaps more so than any other candidate I’d worked with – but only on the rules. He didn’t know that policy would be about a third of his total score! He ended up getting nearly 100% correct in the rules section, and just barely enough right answers on policy, and achieved a passing score.

I believe – but wasn’t involved and can’t easily confirm – that he applied himself to both rules and policy knowledge, and nearly aced his L2 test!

Since that time, the inexperienced player I had to DQ became one of my most valued judges, even driving through South Dakota blizzards to judge at Denver events. He’s continued to apply that dedication all over your region, and I think we can both say that his inauspicious start led to a great judging career!

Rob McKenzie:

Justin (aka Hovey) is a good friend of mine, and he is in an unusual position in the judging community. He is very far from other L2 judges. The closest to him is a 3-4 hour drive away. He is the Area Captain for what I call the “Western Dakotas”, the west half of both South and North Dakota. That’s a larger area than the states of Minnesota or Wisconsin, but it’s mostly just isolated communities with long drives between them. He is the only L2 in this area.

It’s really an interesting place to be in, because it means that the only contact someone might have with the judge program at all is Hovey coming in and running their PPTQ. He is responsible for certifying multiple people, training in store-level folks in a couple of stores, and trying to maintain his skills when he is the most public and well-known member of the judge community for a long, long way in every direction.

Hovey does a great job of this, and is even pretty engaged in the region as a whole. For the last two conferences in Sioux Falls he has been involved in investigations workshops, first as an actor, and then writing his own scenarios. Hovey flew out to Minneapolis so he could come to our Leadership Conference this year, and when the conference got snowed out by a blizzard he was one of the primary folks presenting during an impromptu streamed panel session we put on as a replacement. He never complained during this process, just provided great information about store level organized play, compensation for PPTQs that are both small and far away from a judge, and acted as a great ambassador for the judge program, like he always does.

The other half of this is that Hovey is very experienced – he has judged at a huge range of events across the country and around the world, at literally every level. Hovey has judged World Championships, Pro Tours, and Grand Prix, along with 12 player PPTQs. He treats every event like it is important, and really brings a weight of quality judging to a place where you would be surprised to find a judge of his caliber.

I’ve been super pleased to have worked with Hovey for so many years, and I love having a judge and program ambassador I can really rely on in a place where the community really needs someone great like him.

¡Buen trabajo!

¡Buen trabajo!

Next, Carlos has gathered some thoughts about how Enrique has shaped his region in the past few years:

Emmanuel Leal, L2 from Mexico
Enrique is a judge with a high commitment to excellence. As an example, he helped prepare a seminar about layers for about 4 months, going over scenarios and questions for the attendees that helped both of us learn more about layers.
We were also impressed when he got a high score in El Erudito, a quiz contest designed to help judges become better at rules. Even though he didn’t use tools like Yawgatog, he still scored better than most of us.

Daniel Gallegos, L2 from Mexico
I met Enrique a few years ago and during this time I have realized that he is a very valuable person and an excellent member of the judge program. Since then we have been together in some projects and conferences and it is always a pleasure to work with him because he is responsible, firm, committed and a very charismatic and kind person. These qualities make him an ideal team player.
I think Enrique and I have many things in common and our vision of the judges program is usually very similar. I hope to last as many years as he will in the program and I wish him to continue doing great things with that excellent personality he possesses.

Carlos Ho, L3 from Panama
Most people outside of Mexico don’t know Enrique, as he hasn’t traveled to big events yet. However, ever since the Hispanic America North region came to be, I noticed Enrique’s willingness to participate in the community and to try to help out. He’s a mainstay at our conferences, and enjoys presenting seminars. It’s a pleasure for me to congratulate Enrique for all of these years of service and for his increasing participation in our community.

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

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