July 2018 Anniversary

Here are the July 2018 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Oliver Beaumont from Manchester, United States
Brett Wright from Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Victor Martinez Gonzalez from Leon, Spain

10 years

Niko Skartvedt from Vancouver, Canada
Jorge Requesens from Zaragoza, Spain
Peter Florijn from Weesp, Netherlands
Chris Lee from Bethhlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
Julian Palermo from Marlton, New Jersey, United States
Jeffrey Vandenberg from Tacoma, Washington, United States
Matthew Klein from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States
Adam Howard from Spokane valley, Washington, United States
Juha Ihonen from Espoo, Finland
Jorge Almeida from Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Spain
Kenneth Mullinix from Bremerton, Washington, United States
Viachaslav Kuhtuyk from Minsk, Belarus
Tatsuro Iwakura from Hachiouji-shi, Japan
Michael Hall from Palmerston North, New Zealand
Daniel Schoenbach from Roanoke, Virginia, United States
Michael Mills from Durham, North Carolina, United States

5 years

Sal Cortez from Merced, California, United States
Ian Marcellana from Scituate, Massachusetts, United States
Robert Gray from Griffin, Georgia, United States
Donovan Gilbert from Augusta, Maine, United States
Adrià Diago from Barcelona, Spain
Arthur Cohen from Barcelona, Spain
Daniel Ross from West Jordan, United States
Shawn Wilson from Westbrook, Maine, United States
Pavel Borisenko from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Morgan Kisamore from miami, Florida, United States
Tanner wells from Lexington, Kentucky, United States
David Spencer from louisville, Kentucky, United States
Myles Aderhold from Tampa, Florida, United States
Brian Spurlock from Louisville, United States
Keith Boyle from Nothglenn, Colorado, United States
Clay Westman from Durham, North Carolina, United States
Dylan Jones from Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Cody Leech from Louisville, United States
Joseph Eckert from Louisville, Kentucky, United States
John Papadakis from Heraklion, Greece
Robin Runesson from Alvesta, Sweden
Matthew Michael from Jacksonville, United States
Benjamin Tash from New Albany, United States
Pete Correa from Jacksonville, United States
Madalyn Young from NULL, NULL, Florida, United States
Xingchen Zhang from Shanghai, China
Jacob Roush from West Newton, Massachusetts, United States
Jen Rockwell from Seattle, Washington, United States
Walter Hoekstra from Leiden, Netherlands
Yongjia Xuan from Shanghai, China
David Pope from Johannesburg, South Africa
Alejandro Gerez from Neuquen, Argentina
Dani Sorribas garcia from valencia, Spain
George Kallergis from Heraklion, Greece
Daiki Ito from Sendai-shi, Japan
Timofey Urbanovich from Moscow, Russia
Gunnar Olai Sivertsen from Oslo, Norway
William Earley from Swampscott, Massachusetts, United States
Lucas Buccafusca from Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States
Andrew Marion from Bloomington, Illinois, United States
Erick Carlsted from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Curro Rodriguez from San Fernando (Cádiz), Spain
Brendan Weiskotten from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Sean Rosberg from Deltona, Florida, United States
Tawnee Chipps from Port Alberni, Canada
Mark Kogan from Washington, District of Columbia, United States
James Marino from North Port, Florida, United States
Krešimir Štefanić from Zagreb, Croatia
Simon Davidsson from Vaxjo, Sweden
Melanie Flores from Sarasota, Florida, United States
Parth Joshi from FL, Florida, United States
Stéphane Grenier-pontbriand from Montréal, Canada
David Groves from London, United Kingdom
Danesh Surendran from Baytown, Texas, United States
Richard Vo from Seattle, Washington, United States
Nattadate Watcharasiri from Bangkok, Thailand
Sébastien Wilmotte from Wavre, Belgium
Logan Creen from East Moline, Illinois, United States
Leo Niehorster-Cook from Leawood, United States
Keith Cooper from Parkville, Maryland, United States
Joe Stimec from Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Jeffrey Bennett from Titusville, Florida, United States
Bryan Chan from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Fabian Prasch from Gaaden, Austria
Simson Lo from HK, Hong Kong
Ralf Heersma from Delft, Netherlands
Jean-François DURMONT from Nanterre, France
Billy Gilmore from Bolivar, Missouri, United States
Henry Gross from Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Ricardo Gonzalez from Leon, Mexico
Graeme Hart from Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
Anton Abramov from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Masato Ando from Shizuoka, Japan
Ian Fox from Waterloo, Canada
Mateusz Kniżewski from warsaw, Poland
Matthew Canada from stearns, Kentucky, United States
Jacob Richards from Brisbane, Australia
Vladimir Trajcevski from Skopje, Macedonia
Jarrod Feight from Dallas, Texas, United States
Simo Li from Beijing, China
Michael Jerrold from Redding, California, United States
Jacob Albert from Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Glen Eggers from Bellingham, Washington, United States
Gabe Skypala from Amarillo, Texas, United States
Jesús Chamón from Cuenca, Spain
Jochen Frenster from Rinkerode, Germany
Anders Simpson-Wolf from Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Andrew Gu from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Jon Nauert from Lindenhurst, New York, United States
Jake Moldowsky from Westbury, New York, United States
Pat Giles from Lenexa, Kansas, United States
Gani Sunadim from Bandung, Indonesia
Matthew Swartz from Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Jarek Spears from The Colony, Texas, United States
Kris Kurniawan from Bandung, Indonesia
Rio Ruess from White Plains, New York, United States
Addison Swaney from Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
David Smith from Anniston, Alabama, United States
Carlos Alberto Zepeda Mendez from Queretaro, Mexico
Talin Salway from San Leandro, California, United States
Thomas Verhoeven from Dallas, Texas, United States
Jeremy Cannon from Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Brian Herbelin from Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States
Anthony Abby Swyryt from garfield, New Jersey, United States
Matt Lashof-Sullivan from Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Jacob Guild from Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Ian Nelson from San Francisco, CA, California, United States

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Supporting from the ground up

Supporting from the ground up

This month we are featuring 4 judges: Keith Boyle, Salvatore La Terra, Rob McKenzie, and Scott Marshall. First, we’ll celebrate Keith’s 5 years in the judge program with his RC, Scott:

Keith is unique in that he’s a store owner and tournament organizer who also happens to love judging. I’m sure his original motivation for L1 was to help ensure his store events would always have a judge available – but then, a funny thing happened. He did a few events and discovered he was good at it, and really enjoyed it. Since then, he’s judged at GPs, and pursued (and achieved!) L2 (with more than just a little bit of urging from other locals, myself included).

One of the things I find exceptional about Keith – even though he could, as an L2, simply “monopolize” his own events, he doesn’t – quite the opposite, in fact. Keith is heavily invested in growing new judges, including donating space in his store for judge conferences, as well as bringing in newer judges and letting them run events under his gentle guidance.

A leader’s leader

A leader’s leader

This month, we have another trio of Level 3 anniversaries. First, we recognize Salvatore La Terra for 5 years as Level 3. Italian RC, Cristiana Dionisio, shared these thoughts:

“Salvatore has always been our ‘rules guru’ even when he wasn’t L3. In the last 5 years though he has become more and more the reference for L1s, L2s and players for every rule and policy doubts. He takes care of giving the official answers on our local social media groups and to present the difficult rule situations on the other Italian L3s searching for consistency.

Salvatore is active and available every day for rules consultation, he helped me with the 2017 L1 and L2 renewal creating tests and making sure everybody took them on time.

In coordination with the other Italian l3, he has been leading the project ‘L3 candidates’ which helped the Italian Community to have currently 9 active L3s. I’m extremely happy and proud to have him next to me leading the Italian and Maltese Judge Community.”

Almost Canada

Almost Canada

Next, we’ll hear from US – Central Regional Coordinator, Steven Briggs. He had these thoughts to share about Rob McKenzie for his 5-year L3 anniversary:

“When I first started my work as a Regional Coordinator, one of my first Grand Prix events in the role took me to what is affectionately now known as GP: Hoth. Apart from seeing just how cold Lincoln, Nebraska can be in February, a very important introduction and a one-on-one conversation took place at that event, one that would change my life for the better.

I met Rob McKenzie, the man who would be the Riker to my Picard in the Midwest, eventually elevate to his own role as Regional Coordinator alongside me, become one of my closest friends and read at my wedding this past September. In hindsight, that Grand Prix was a very important event.

Over several years, we became close friends and partners in crime in the Judge Program. Rob had been a strong judge and a leader of sorts in his area for years, but when he was promoted to Level 3, Rob really began to broaden his horizons in terms of the scope of his work and the positive impact he could bring to the organization. I believe that a combination of working with Steve Port and Legion Events for a period of time along with working alongside me in helping manage the mega-Midwest region helped Rob sharpen his skills, explore new ideas, and realize that there are ways he uniquely can contribute to helping us do what we do better globally as a program.

An immediate symbol that comes to mind are the Exemplar tokens – a special, very Magic-like way of delivering positive feedback to individuals. That product started just within his region, growing in popularity and desirability over time, to the point where judges in many other regions also wanted to have that done for them. He researched and championed the cause, refining it over time, yet always making it open for feedback and available to anyone who wanted to play with it as well. That small, regional-centric gesture has grown into a global project and icon of excellence in performance – the manifestation of a driven leader with an idea that broadly supports what we do.

Much like the person who started the project to begin with.”

Uncle Scott

Uncle Scott

Finally, Ron Thompson had this to say about Scott Marshall to celebrate his 15 years as a L3 judge:

“15 years as L3+ is an incredible accomplishment. In my relatively short judge career, I’ve been lucky to work alongside Scott the entire time. Scott was my first GP HJ (GP Calgary 2014!) and was one of the primary motivators for me to not only continue judging, but to level up all the way to level 3. I’ve seen Scott provide this individualized level of support to countless judges and his dedication to the growth of the program has never wavered.

Scott has head judged over 20 GPs and a couple PTs, yet he remains easily accessible to other judges and remains to be one of the best communicators in the program. In fact, Scott is consistently seen hanging out with judges of various backgrounds and levels. Seeing him make the effort to get to know all parts of the judge program proves to me that he cares about our community. This is even further realized through Scott’s temporary-and-then-permanent role as RC. He quickly stepped into the role and easily adopted all of the responsibilities. One of the most notable contributions as RC that goes publicly unrecognized is how often Scott nominates and writes features for the Judge Anniversaries project. Every month, Scott recognizes judges behind the scenes and is always willing to put pen on paper to write about his region.

Scott and I have gone out for a drink quite a few times during our judge careers; I hope the tradition continues for many years to come. 🙂 Congrats on 15 years as L3 and thanks for being such a prominent part of our community!”

Best wishes to all three of these fine judges for their years of service as Level 3 judges!

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

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