January 2019 Anniversaries

Here are the January 2019 judge anniversaries for which we have historical data!

15 years

James McClelland from Rockville, Maryland, United States of America
Petr Brozek from Pardubice, Czechia
Marc Sieber from Gauting, Germany
Sandra Schmidt from Hannover, Germany
Joe Weber from avondale, Arizona, United States of America

10 years

David Zimet from San Marcos, California, United States of America
Arick Dickerman from Escazu, Costa Rica
Jayson Litton from Orelia, Australia
Mitsuru Honda from Matsuyama-shi, Japan
Stephanie Bressin from Berlin, Germany

5 years

Yosuke Yamada from Iida, Japan
Kazuki Kurashima from Midori-ku, Japan
Torgeir Lebesbye from Oslo, Norway
Eli Meyer from Somerville, Massachusetts, United States of America
Brogan King from Richmond , Virginia, United States of America
Weiwei Wang from Chengdu, China
David Hanson from Sparta, Wisconsin, United States of America
Christian Marx from Wien, Austria
Juan José Valero from Madrid, Spain
Zolotova Ekaterina from Voronezh, Russia
Jakub Vojta from Brno, Czechia
Alfonso Chamorro from Málaga, Spain
Brian Schenck from Pasadena, Maryland, United States of America
Martin Del Carmen from Burbank, California, United States of America
Gerardo Téllez Fernández from Arequipa, Peru
Henrique Garrigós from São Paulo, Brazil
Randy Tice from Quincy, Michigan, United States of America
Yukihiro Inagaki from Aichi Okazaki, Japan
Jeffrey Smith from Charlottetown, Canada
Ariel Adamson from Boise, Idaho, United States of America
Chris Tran from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America
Joe Veth from Tempe, Arizona, United States of America
Mike Griffin from Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
Josh Hoggatt from Gillette, Wyoming, United States of America
Zachary Anderson from Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Kyle Yakiwchuk from Victoria, Canada
Thomas DiRocco from Oakland, California, United States of America
Adrian Barreto Padron from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Benjamin Burke from St-Jean sur Richelieu, Canada
Zachary Chute from Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America
Darren Horve from Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America
Emma Bareis from Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Dan Milavitz from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Bruno Juárez Hernández from Aguascalientes, Mexico
Daniel Clarke from Hawaii, United States of America
Stefano Marcoccia from Viterbo, Italy
Jacopo Bartollini from Terni, Italy
Aaron Rasmussen from Columbus, Wisconsin, United States of America
Sven Flinkert from Karlsruhe, Germany
Fadul Rodor from Itabira, Brazil
Adam del Cano from Endwell, New York, United States of America
Lyall Alfred from Lafayette, Louisiana, United States of America
Nick Mueller from Saint Louis, Missouri, United States of America
Krzysztof Buniewicz from Poznań, Poland

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Bogran? Borgan? Brogan?

Bogran? Borgan? Brogan?

This month we are featuring 2 judges: Brogan King and Arick Dickerman. First up, we have Brogan, who is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with their RC, EDB:

“There is not a world in which I move to Richmond, Virginia” -Brogan King, 2015

When I met Brogan she was living in Boston and quickly becoming an asset on the Grand Prix circuit. Since moving to Richmond she has taken point with judge onboarding in the Mid-Atlantic, helped improve our region’s review culture, and has an incredible knack for helping helping judges deliver feedback to their peers. (I have been very lucky to have an in-region diplomacy filter!) Brogan is also bringing her style and sense of humor to the Judge Program at large; you can hear her every other week keeping it fun as the most recent addition to JudgeCast. Brogan cares about people and as long as she is a part of our community she’s going to keep being a positive force in whatever region she calls home.



Next up, we have Arick, who is celebrating 10 years as a judge. Carlos, his RC, put together this:

I met Arick when he was still in high school. A young, energetic person that was very excited about judging in Costa Rica, and I had the pleasure of welcoming him to the judge family after testing him for L1. Little did I know that he’d become of the most traveled and experienced judges in Central America, and that he’d keep on growing the judge community in the area. Arick has been very active in judge conferences, presenting seminars, helping to organize them, or cooking for a whole weekend, and he was also instrumental in helping another person from Costa Rica to grow up as a judge: David Jimenez, who in turn undertook an ambitious project that ended up seeing several new L1 and L2 judges in the Hispanic America Region.

David wanted to join me in congratulating Arick with his own words:
“Arick was always been extraordinary. In his 10 years in his program, there are way too many stories that can be shared about his exploits. But actually, they all pale in comparison nexto the kind of person that Arick is: someone to puts a lot of effort into whatever he’s doing, a great mentor, a partner and a friend. When Arick is nearby, you can feel the difference, as the atmosphere is always more jovial and friendly, and no matter what he’s doing, he’ll always shine in some way. Congratulations for your 10 years in the judge program, Arick!”

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

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