About Judge Anniversaries

Here at Judge Anniversaries, we like to give a pat on the back to those Magic  judges who have survived in this hobby for arbitrary amounts of time. Every month, we post a list of judges who were certified either 5, 10 or 15 years ago. One of those judges is chosen to be a featured judge, and their Regional Coordinator (or another senior judge) writes a little article about their career. In addition, L3+ judges also get feature articles after 5 or 10 years of L3 life.

Judge Anniversary team:

Ronald Thompson (lead)

Shawn Doherty (L3 anniversaries)

Johanna Virtanen (grumpy old person)


The Regional Coordinators (general helpfulness)

3 Responses to About Judge Anniversaries

  1. andrew says:

    just out of curiosity, is there a reason those of us that have been judging more than 10 years already haven’t gotten our “pat on the back?” just would be nice, as i read about these other judges that have been doing a great job for years, to be recognized as well. sure, i’ve stayed at level one, but that has only been due to the lack of time i have to be devote to doing more tournaments outside of my area. i honestly don’t want to be causing problems, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask 🙂 thanks for the great work you’re doing, it really is wonderful to read about these anniversaries!

  2. flamedash says:

    Andrew, I can’t check your certification date right now, but we only started celebrating these anniversaries a little over a year ago, so anyone who hit the 10 year mark before that missed out, unfortunately. Also, we don’t have an accurate certification date for many judges who started before 2001 because some data was lost in a database update years ago. I plan to add a FAQ that explains these issues in more detail at some point.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying this project 🙂

  3. Alan McCandless says:

    What if we have the old DCI judge card which has the valid until date? I think they were good for 2 or 4 years back then 🙂


    Gotta love the continuity!

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