Grand Prix Eggs and Ham

One day, you and your roommate decide to make breakfast. You really want eggs, so you pull out your frying pan to make some.

Your roommate looks over your shoulder and says, “Hey, I don’t know how to make eggs! Will you teach me?”

You say, “Sure!”

So you teach your roommate how to use the frying pan to make eggs. You make some eggs, and they are delicious.

The next day, you wake up late. You walk into the kitchen and find your roommate in the middle of making some eggs!

Your roommate proudly shows you the frying pan he’s using to cook the eggs for brunch.

You gasp in horror.

“What’s wrong?”

“You used the frying pan to make brunch!”

“Uh, yeah, just like you taught me.”

“But you’re supposed to use the cast iron-skillet to make brunch.”

“Ins’t brunch just like breakfast, though?”

“Yeah, but brunch always uses the cast iron-skillet.”

“…Isn’t that a lot of trouble?”

“Hm, yeah.”

“So why do you do it?”

“That’s how it’s always been.”