QP: The Casual Player

[QP stands for “Quick Post.”]

Not all players are competitive. Some players are non-competitive, casual players. When approaching a new player, determine if they are competitive or “casual.” If they are casual:

-Ask what their favorite card is.
-Ask if there is a story behind the favorite card.
-Ask them to go through their deck and explain it.
-Ask if they’ve had any fun or exciting games.
-Ask where and how they learned to play Magic.
-Ask if they know about casual events like drafts or FNM.
-Introduce the player to “reliable regulars,” or regulars at your game-store who are friendly and helpful.
-Check in with the player during the event.
-Smile and be friendly.
-Offer a “loaded” comment to stimulate conversation such as: “You like cards with flying? Me too! There’s this one card from the set… I forget its name, but it’s a big flyer in blue.”
-Compliment the player’s creativity.

-Tell them that certain cards in the deck are “bad”
-Offer unsolicited advice.
-Pick up or examine their deck without permission.
-“Make plays” for the person during a casual game.
-Watch a game over the player’s shoulder.
-Assume the player has funds or money to purchase expensive cards.
-Focus on your fun deck.
-Overload the player with terminology or explanations.
-Tell the player what they “should” do or “what you would do.”

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