The Road to Vegas – Part III: More Common Interactions

The dawn is upon us. Two weeks until we make history. Two weeks to prepare… to steel our minds, hearts, and souls. Two weeks until we stand on the precipice of the largest event in Trading Card Game history.

Two weeks until we reunite with friends from all over the world. Two weeks until we stand together as a community. With a goal in mind. With smiles and laughter. With new memories.

Two weeks until…


…two weeks?


Welcome to the third and final post on my Customer Service preparation articles. You can read the previous posts here:

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Smart Phones are a recent phenomenon. However they are also a part of our daily lives. We check emails, post on social media, crush candy, anger birds, and… well, I’ve heard some people even take pictures called “selfies.”

Note: The reference to “selfies” in the previous paragraph was a self-referential quip of humor due to the fact that I often unabashedly take selfies with friends in a whimsical attempt to visually capture the fleeting but blessed moments of happiness and bliss which too often escape us or are forgotten and are too few and far between to truly occur at a rate with which I would be satisfied.

GP Vegas will be a large event and some use of the technology will be required. However, please keep in mind that someone actively engaged in their surroundings is more approachable than someone checking their phone. If there are customers near-by, please look alert. Have a conversation with your fellow workmate or simply enjoy the ambiance of the event.

Look like you actually want to be there.

Remember the last time you were at a convention. Think about all the booths. Given two identical booths, are you more likely to approach someone who is standing and looking around, or someone who is sitting and texting? Engage and be engaged with the customer.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t check your phone at all. But when you do, make sure at least one person is alert for your station. Be sure that you are also aware of your surroundings. This is not only for customer service, but for safety. Save for an emergency or crucial communications, the phone should be put down when someone approaches.

Billy Tip: If you are using your phone and a customer appears suddenly, I usually place my phone screen down. It protects my information and it also prevents me from automatically looking at it if something pops-up on the screen.


This section on hygiene is brought to you by 16 year old angsty emo-Billy.


Water is the water that cleanses the dirt of dirt from your body and mind.

Iron your clothes.

Wrinkled shirts reflect cracks on the mirror of my soul.

Brush your teeth.

Plaque clings onto your teeth like pain to my heart.

Trim or clean your fingernails.

Lest they claw into me like a raven’s talon. The raven of malice.

If your pants sag, wear a belt.

I can’t really come up with a faux-emo thing for this one.

Just… wear a belt.


Communication is key. We are not only acting as individuals to ensure customer service. We are also a network of people, a singular organism acting to provide the best experience for each person at the event. By communicating to the appropriate people, whether they be fellow judges, team leads, or even the customers themselves, we can assure that we function and flow as a cohesive unit. Do not only know what you can/cannot provide. Know who can provide what you cannot. Know who may request your services. You are more than a Judge. You are the collective experience of your past achievements, your future goals, your wisdom, and the wisdom of your elders. Multiply the universe inside you by the universe inside your fellow judges, and behold the power we can provide.

Together, we are Customer Service.

See you in Vegas.

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