Announcing: the 2017 Judge Conduct Committee


We have finally closed the last case handled by the 2016 Judge Conduct Committee, so it is time to announce the 2017 committee. Last year we only brought in two new members; this time we have five. I’m sure they will bring an interesting perspective to the work of the committee and help us improve the quality of our work.

Returning members: 

New members:

I would like to thank the outgoing members Sean Catanese, Scott Marshall, Haitao Jia, Sebastian Pekala and Anastacia Tomson for their service. Their help has truly been invaluable.

A brief note on 2017 goals

I planned to do some blog posts and announcements in 2016, but for various reasons never found the time to do so. Improving communication from the JCC to the program is one of my major goals for this year. While we don’t plan to discuss actual cases in public, I think it’s worth it to explain some of our internal processes.

Another goal is to improve the processing of feedback received through the Judge Feedback Form. If a serious issue gets reported, we want to make sure it gets handled quickly. But we also want other feedback to be shared in a timely manner. Some of the feedback we get is about relatively minor problems, but we pass those to the appropriate RC so that they can decide whether it’s worth discussing with the judge (such as a report about getting a ruling wrong – is it part of a pattern, or just an isolated case of getting something wrong?). A lot of the feedback we get is actually positive, and that is worth sharing too. In fact, we just had a big flood of positive reports from the prerelease weekend!

Stay tuned for more posts on this blog.


Johanna Virtanen

Chair, Judge Conduct Committee


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