Announcing: 2018 Judge Conduct Committee lead

Earlier this year I informed the Program Coordinators that I did not intend to continue as a member of the Judge Conduct Committee. I have been on the committee since it was created, and I’ve been the lead for the past two years. That is a long time and it’s now someone else’s turn to be in charge.

We ran an application process that was open to current and former JCC members. Two excellent candidates applied, and I am pleased to announce that the selection committee chose Cristiana Dionisio.

Cristiana served on the JCC during its first year, and  her many years of experience as Regional Coordinator and Regional Coordinator Lead (RCL) make her well suited for this role. I know she is working on initiatives that promote inclusiveness in our community.

Cristiana has already joined the JCC to replace Casey Brefka who has decided to step down. She will help us close the remaining 2017 investigations and she is also going to participate in choosing the 2018 committee.

The application form for the committee can be found on the Level 3 forum.

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