Tournament Report: Deck Checks for Constructed Team Trios

This month's article is a different sort than I usually publish.  It's a tournament report from my experiences judging on the deck checks team for both days of the SCG: Cincinnati team constructed open the weekend of March 24-25, 2018. …

Dominaria New Set Digest

Whenever a new set comes out, there's always rules, policy, and lots of other changes to go with it. If trying to keep up with everything is giving you a headache, you're in the right spot. This article has everything you'll need all in one place.

Leading the Deck Checks Team

Next in my series of Team Lead articles, I look at the deck checks team. Review the operations and best practices for this logistics-heavy team in the article here.

How Does the Krark-Clan Ironworks Combo Work?

用中文阅读: here Greetings, Friends! Today, I wanted to talk about the deck's infinite combo. Now, you may have heard about this combo from GP Phoenix last weekend. A lot of pros were playing this deck, and so if you have …

IRL Rulings 03

My first GP this year was GP: Indianapolis, which I worked last month. The combination of a Team Sealed format and the fact that this GP fell on Rivals of Ixalan release weekend made for a lot of interesting calls …

Rivals of Ixalan New Set Digest

Whenever a new set comes out, there are a lot of changes to familiarize yourself with: new cards, new rules, new IPG and MTR, changes to the Oracle. It's a lot to absorb. This article has everything you need all in one place.

Announcement about the Future of New Set Digests

The first piece of advice I give to judges I mentor is often "Don't be afraid to ask for help." Today, I am taking my own advice. If you're reading this here on my blog, you're probably familiar with the …

No Mercy 4

Welcome, readers, to the fourth annual No Mercy rules challenge. Each year, I collect the hardest rules questions I can find into the most merciless article I can write. Are you up for the challenge?

Now Accepting Submissions for No Mercy 4

Every December, I publish a special article sure to fill all the Melvins of the world with holiday cheer: The No Mercy! rules challenge. All year long, I collect the hardest rules questions I can find into the most merciless …

Leadership and leadership roles page

This month, I've turned my attention to a topic that's at once intimidating and intoxicating: Leadership. Whether you revel in the challenge of being in charge or dread taking on the possibility of screwing everything up, few judges are ambivalent …